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7/12/2007 01:43:00 PM

Mighty Johan

As most fantasy owners and baseball fans already know, Johan Santana is an absolute beast in the second half. As long as you get a halfway decent start from Santana before the All-Star break (and this year definitely counts), there's a good chance he can help you pull away down the stretch.

But just exactly how good is Santana? My colleague David Sabino crunched the numbers, and since Santana became a full-time starter in 2004, he's got a huge lead over the competition in second-half wins, winning percentage, strikeouts, opponents' batting average and ERA.

Here's the breakdown. Also note how good Jake Peavy has been in the second half.
Second-half pitching leaders (2004-06)
WinsWin Pct.KsOpp BAERA
Santana (32)Santana (.914)Santana (331)Santana (.186)Santana (1.78)
Oswalt (29)Carpenter (.786)R. Johnson (314)Clemens (.216)Clemens (2.69)
Westbrook (25)Oswalt (.744)Peavy (301)Zambrano (.219)Peavy (2.79)
Lowe, Peavy (23)Suppan (.700)Sheets (283)R. Johnson (.219)Zambrano (3.04)
Zambrano, Zito (23)Zambrano (.697)Lackey (271)Peavy (.223)Carpenter (3.07)

Best of luck in the second half.
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