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7/14/2006 12:06:00 PM

Page Six: College Sports

Oakland Arena
Though technically not a celebrity, we defy you to top lounging with former Arizona guard Miles Simon in a Nerf pool.
Photo by Matt Waxman
Hangin’ on the football field with King Hussein, going back-to-back with Spud Webb after a college slam dunk contest – I’ve already spilled my Top 10 Celebrity Encounters of the Athletic Kind. Today, we want to hear your tales of rubbing elbows with the glitterati at college sports events.

Did you overhear Chris Berman drop a “You’re with me, leather” line on a USC song girl? Was Ric Flair kind enough to put you in a figure four leg-lock during a Florida Gators football game? Time to flap those gums.


Posted: 2:23 PM   by Anonymous
My father was attending a University of Texas home football game in 1964. In route to get a beverage, he paused at the railing to watch the UT fullback streak down the field for a touchdown. He began jumping up and down and hollering and pounding on the shoulder of the man next to him (who was also jumping up and down). The next thing he knew, two suited men had him in a double arm lock. As it turns out, the man next to him was President Lyndon B. Johnson. The Secret Service released dad when LBJ said he was pleased to celebrate with another Longhorn fan.
Posted: 3:10 PM   by wfl1974
Sela Ward, an Alabama cheerleader and graduate, would have made a nice addition to the list. Beautiful, classy, & a great Alum.
Posted: 3:54 PM   by Anonymous
As a very proud UK alumni there is nothing better than seeing Ashley Judd at the home games!!!! She is down to earth and talks to anyone around her. She makes the university, the alumni assoc, and the entire state proud to call her one of our own!!! GO CATS!!!!
Posted: 4:32 PM   by Anonymous
This post has been removed by a blog administrator.
Posted: 4:37 PM   by Anonymous
How can Nick Lachey be considered a No. 1 fan of Cincinnati? As soon as fall rolls around he abandon's the Bearcats and become a front-runner fan for USC football.
Posted: 4:39 PM   by Anonymous
whats better than going to a basektball game and seeing doug flutie playin the drums in the student section. Best alum of any school.
Posted: 4:41 PM   by Anonymous
Nothings better than going to a BC basketball game and seeing the best alum/fan of any school, Doug Flutie, rockin out on the drums in the student section.
Posted: 11:09 PM   by Anonymous
This post has been removed by a blog administrator.
Posted: 8:42 AM   by Anonymous
OK, so there are a bunch of itty bitty "fans" BUT Burt Reynolds purchased new uniforms for the FSU football team a few seasons back...granted they were a gawdawful color and haven't been seen since that single game. His TV shows were always loaded with FSU symbols as props. Then there's the Eminent Scholars chair he donated...I believe that's called putting your money where your mouth is!
Posted: 11:36 AM   by Anonymous
john cougar mellencamp is Mr. IU
How could you leave him off your list. you need to do your homework
Posted: 11:38 AM   by Anonymous
How did Burt Reynolds not make this list? He has FSU swag in almost every movie that I have seen him in...
Posted: 12:05 PM   by Anonymous
Although he didn't attend OU I can't think of a more common sideline fixture at OU football games that Toby Keith. Considering his tour bus was shot at while in Texas the week before the 2004 OU-UT football game is a true measure of his stature as Sooner Fan!
Posted: 12:07 PM   by Anonymous
Duritz is actually underrated at number three. I've seen him at softball, baseball, men's soccer, women's soccer, volleyball and women's basketball games at Cal. He is a Cal sports freak! His phone call to Joanne Boyle is credited for Cal getting her to come coach the women's basketball team. His concerts in the Bay Area are nothing more than Cal Love fests with athletes and administrators crawling all over the place and he finishes his set with a hearty "GO BEARS." Oh, and he hates Stanford...a lot!
Posted: 12:20 PM   by DOBERLADY
I don't know who specifically calculates these polls or what the criteria is, but the number one college fan absolutely is Regis. He talks about them constantly on his show and he regularly flies to games or events at Notre Dame. He is the emcee for the Notre Dame Coaches charity coming up. These other people are surely fans, but nowhere is there as much press as with Regis. Not to mention, Notre Dame, outside of his family, is his life. And, I don't even know the man.
Posted: 12:26 PM   by OneBlakefan
No. 1 College Fan? You all missed this by a country mile. Steve Blake's (point guard for Univ. of Maryland and now with the Trailblazers) father personnally drove nearly 200,000 miles during Steve's career at the University of Maryland to watch nearly every basketball game Steven played in over a 4 year period. Mr. Blake was featured on ESPN a few times I know this to be true because I drove over 60,000 miles with him. There is not "1" person, shown on your list, that could even come close to this devotion, period! By the way, Mr. Blake lives in “South Florida”, so a normal weekend round trip driving effort was over 2,000 miles on average. On a “normal weekend during the basketball season, it was leave South Florida on Friday afternoons, driving straight through to College Park, or wherever the Terrapins were playing, watching the game and driving straight back to Miami and returning to work on Monday’s. Which fan on “your” list could even come close to this?
Posted: 6:01 PM   by Anonymous
Its great to go to Georgia Tech basketball games and see former alumni such as Nomar Garciaparra and his wife Mia Hamm cheering on the Yellow Jackets
Posted: 9:57 PM   by Anonymous
You missed Kenny Chesney -- a major Tennessee football fan -- lyrics often refer to playing football in highs school.
Posted: 10:29 PM   by Anonymous
This slightly counts as a college moment. In 1987 near UCLA, my brothers and I wound up playing putt putt golf with Wayne Gretzky and his then girlfriend Janet Jones. They started out as the group behind us and wound up playing in our group. My then 15 year old brother was comfortable enough to decline a putting tip from Gretzky by saying, you're a hockey player not a golfer. It worked great from he was still playing for Edmonton and wasn't yet recognizable by many LA residents
Posted: 9:40 AM   by Anonymous
This post has been removed by a blog administrator.
Posted: 2:11 PM   by Anonymous
Bill Clinton?? Arkansas
Yeah Kenny Chesney, the no. 1 country artist in America, is a regular on the sidelines of Tennessee football and basketball games. He has a song written about the legendary UT announcer John Ward as well.
Posted: 10:52 PM   by Anonymous
Toby Keith? He's a hanger-on. He even admitted it in his break-out song, "Shoulda Been a Cowboy." You wanna talk Oklahomans who support their school? Garth Brooks was a shotputter for Oklahoma State and puts Toby Keith to shame in any possible comparison.
Posted: 9:00 AM   by Mickey
He may not be the big star that he once was, but he is a bigger celeb than Urkel! David Keith works the sidelines at UT football games (He carried the headset for Coach Fulmer for years). He is a big supporter of the Lady Vols basketball team, and he is a big contributer to the baseball program.
Posted: 9:27 AM   by Anonymous
First of all you have neglected the biggest celebrity college sports fan of all time, Stephen King and basically any University of Maine, Orono Team.
Posted: 9:38 AM   by Ray Booth
It's easy to see why you could overlook Burt Reynolds and his decades of support for FSU. His star obviously has never shone as bright as Adam Duritz or Jaleel White, right? OK, I'm 51 years old, but if you had not included some explanation of who those guys are, I would never have known. Burt Reynolds is a HUGE celebrity and he has given HUGE support to FSU for a VERY LONG time. He should have been No. 1 on your list.
Posted: 10:50 AM   by Anonymous
Kenny Chesney, David Keith, and Charlie Daniels are all huge fans of the University of Tennessee. They make frequent appearances at the football and basketball games in Knoxville and on the road. David Keith was even a manager for the Vols football team and is sometimes glimpsed on the sidelines with the football Vols.
Posted: 11:51 AM   by Anonymous
This post has been removed by a blog administrator.
Posted: 11:58 AM   by Anonymous
How could you not have Burt Reynolds on the list? He should be #1. The dorm that the players live in across from the stadium is named after him. He paid for it. He has his own sky box. He flies in for games. He played for the team. He has mentioned FSU in some of his films. He appears on the weekly Bobby Bowden show. He helps with recruiting and raising money. He gave money to the FSU film school. He has been doing this for over 50-years. Do your research!
Posted: 2:42 PM   by P. $lim
This post has been removed by a blog administrator.
Posted: 5:09 PM   by UGA93
Although it's not uncommon to see lots of famous faces in the music industry walking around Athens, GA on any weekend... Ben Affleck, Ryan Seacrest, Kyle Chandler or Food Network's Alton Brown can be seen at UGA Football Gamedays every now and then.
Posted: 5:40 PM   by Volholla
My wife & I were attending a (Real) UT football game for Homecoming in Knoxville (I believe it was '96)during the Peyton Manning era & saw fellow UT fans Samuel L. Jackson, Mitch Rouse, & Cilque Cozart walking around at different times, with David Keith on the sideline & Charlie daniels at halftime. I don't remember much after, cause Jack Daniels went with us too!
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