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7/17/2006 11:54:00 AM

Spilling the beans

We’re about three-quarters of the way through Feeding the Monster, Seth Mnookin’s new book chronicling insider account of the inner workings of the Red Sox front office and it got us thinking: Which college program would we most want to read a tell-all book about?

Memphis or UConn men’s basketball or Colorado football would all make for a juicy read, but the most delicious of all would be the story of the recent rise of the Kansas State basketball program. From the decision to hire Bob Huggins to the shady inner dealings with high school recruits OJ Mayo and Bill Walker, we think there’s more to the story than we’re getting in USA Today.

What do you think? Which programs have the most interesting muck to rake?


Posted: 2:40 PM   by Ben
I would pay $29.95 for a tell-all book about the 2005-2006 USC Trojans. With all of the problems surrounding Reggie Bush and his apartment and Dwayne Jarrett, this could be a very interesting book. Plus, who wouldn't want to know who was the original architect of the LenDale White "suicide."
Posted: 2:37 PM   by jones
University of Illinois - Dee Brown, Dick Butkus, Hugh Hefner, Lou Henson. Enough said.
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