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6/12/2007 11:24:00 AM

The Best Graduation Speech You Ever Heard

Oakland Arena
Yogi Berra gave an entertaining graduation speech at St. Louis University. Who is the best speaker you've ever heard?
Photo by AP
Graduation season is just about over and just in case you didn't catch everything, we have provided you with some of our favorite nuggets including Brian Billick ("In a bacon-and-egg breakfast, the chicken is involved, but the pig is committed. Be that pig."), Yogi Berra ("Work hard to reach your goals, and if you can't reach them, use a ladder.") and Bernie Williams ("You have to feel that every day you're getting closer and closer to where you need to be.").

Today, we want you to take a trip down memory lane and tell us who was the best graduation speaker you ever heard and what advice they offered. Our favorite is the late David Halberstam, whose simple message to me and my fellow graduates was "never let them intimidate you." Short, simple and straight to the point. Who was yours?


Posted: 3:38 PM   by Matt
How about Ali G. At Harvard in 2004...
Posted: 3:57 PM   by Anonymous
I don`t remember my graduation speech. Something about blah blah blah, I was too ripped and too busy talking to my friend to care. But, I do think a speech from Andy Kaufman would have been great. I always wanted to have George Carlin speak at something important of mine also.
Posted: 4:57 PM   by Anonymous
Wow, I guess Brian Billick is like me and "willingly" watches Grey's Anatomy with his wife, as that "chicken is involved, the pig is commited" line was used on the show this year. Glad to know he's using great source material....
Posted: 5:59 PM   by Anonymous
Jon Stewart at his (and my) Alma Mater, William & Mary 2004.
Posted: 6:54 PM   by Anonymous
My highschool graduation speaker was going to be Rick Flair before a bunch of parents caught wind and pitched a hissy fit. I think "Woooooo" would've been the best advice ever.
Posted: 8:18 PM   by Anonymous
it (chicken/pig) is rather old. Grey's Anatomy didn't make it up
Posted: 9:39 PM   by Anonymous
Conan at Harvard...
Posted: 3:24 PM   by Colonial Kyle
George Washington U, my school, didn't have one this year. I think that's the best one ever.
Posted: 3:42 PM   by Anonymous
Shaq at LSU in December 2000. With his freshly printed LSU degree in hand, he joked about his "degree in crayon biology."

One of the best players in school history and NBA history with an awesome sense of humor (seen that breakdancing video from the All Star Break?)

But thanks big guy, those of us that really earned our degrees appreciated that!
Posted: 4:48 PM   by Anonymous
steven rushin at marquette was death. it was like listening to an unfunny clown
Posted: 11:13 PM   by Anonymous
I second Conan at Harvard.
Posted: 2:55 PM   by EventFan
Definitely Ali G at Harvard....Big Ups to mah main MAN!!!!
Posted: 2:07 PM   by Anonymous
a speech by morgan freeman or james earl jones would be sweet, freemans is soothing and jones is powerful
Posted: 6:29 PM   by Hoagiedoag
Brian Billick are you kidding me, you failed in originality.
Posted: 3:27 PM   by Anonymous
Posted: 8:43 PM   by Anonymous
Bono at UPenn in 2004
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