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6/11/2007 01:06:00 PM

We're Sick of the Same Old Story

We're sick of seeing this picture over and over. What about you?
Peter Read Miller/SI
We've spotted some odds for the 2008 BCS national championship and all of the familiar faces are at the top of the list. USC is the favorite at 5-2 and will face defending-champion Florida (7-1 odds) in the title game if the odds hold true. Trojan and Gator fans are no doubt thrilled to see that their teams are, yet again, favored to bring home the hardware, but far from sharing in their joy, we're rolling our eyes and saying, "not again." It's fun to get behind a dominant team every so often, but really, enough is enough.

With the Patriots in the NFL, the Spurs in the NBA, USC in college football and Florida in college everything, dynasties have become ubiquitous lately, which makes them more annoying than exciting.

We want to see fresh faces (or helmets) in the BCS this year. Arizona, Brigham Young, Boston College, Colorado, Georgia Tech, Hawaii, Kansas State, Maryland, Missouri, North Carolina State, Oklahoma State, Pittsburgh, Purdue, South Florida and Texas Tech are all listed at 200-1. Wouldn't it be nice to see one of these schools -- or at least a school like Georgia that has been highly ranked but hasn't had a crack at the title -- hoisting the trophy instead of USC or Florida? Will anyone else vomit if they have to watch Pete Carroll kiss that crystal ball one more time?

-- By Mallory Rubin,


Posted: 1:33 PM   by Anonymous
The reason I am sick of them is that they are cheaters. The sad thing is that they do not need to cheat. Other than maybe Florida (and that is highly debatable), Southern California is the best place to go to college. Tons of beautiful women, weather is great, and you play in the second largest city in the country. Why do they need to cheat to get recruits!?!

I live in Southern California (and for the record, I am not a Bruin, or a Cal Bear, or anything like that) and they simply get a free pass from the NCAA for all of the BS that they do illegally as far as recruiting goes. If this was another school (other than maybe Notre Dame) the NCAA would have thrown the book at them...but for some reason SC gets a free pass. WTF!
Posted: 2:17 PM   by Anonymous
Get used to it. FIGHT ON!
Posted: 2:45 PM   by Anonymous
Go Gators! We are completely rebuilding the defense so I'm not sure if we can go 13-0 or 12-1 to reach the title game, but our offense may carry us to the promise land again. Honestly though, I give us two years to back...
Posted: 2:57 PM   by Anonymous
USC wouldn't win 9 games playing in a decent conference. By the way, they've only held up the crystal football once.
Posted: 3:48 PM   by Anonymous
Yo what about West Virginia. The EER's have Pat White, Steve "Heisman Hopeful" Slaton, and the number one recruit in Noel Devine. No love for the Mounties?
Posted: 3:58 PM   by Robert USC '07
Ok. enough hating on USC. PROVE USC has cheated. Can't? Oh! Wait, that is because we haven't. Bush never talked to recruits, whatever Bush did with his family was just that. Besides, we've been on probation a while ago. Why do you think our football sucked for 20 years? Next, we wouldn't win 9 games in a decent conference? Which one? We beat the elite teams in every other conference regularly. the PAC-10 is good. If I remember correctly, the PAC has a winning record against the other conferences for a while. Let's see, we beat michigan a couple of times, arkansas, auburn, etc, etc in the last few years. Quit whining
Posted: 4:12 PM   by Will
I find it interesting how USC keeps getting mentioned with the term "dynasty". As mentioned in a previous comment, they have won only one BCS championship. The other recent title they claim and that is credited to them by the media, is the AP championship which, ironically, is awarded by the media. I also find it amusing that they claim the "mythical" AP championship in 2003 as the national championship even though the BCS championship game was played by LSU & Oklahoma, according to the BCS rules that were in place at the start of the season. Then, in 2004, they claim another national championship when they win the BCS championship game…now the BCS counts. Furthermore, in 2005, they lose the BCS championship game to Texas , but Matt Leinart, in an on- field interview immediately after, says they still are the best team and the Harris poll still picks them as the champion…so I guess they have won three consecutive national championships. But wait, I just found more: in 2002, Ohio State won the BCS championship game, but Dunkel, Sagarin and Matthews (as if they matter) all picked USC. As a result we have: 2003 - AP champ?, 2004 -BCS champ (legitimate), 2005 – lose, but claim a third championship and have the Harris poll give it to them anyway??, and then 2002 - Dunkel, Sagarin and Matthews give them an other. That's four! Now I understand… a dynasty! That’s how it works…you can build a dynasty outside the system and if you can get the media to support you, it’s legit!
Posted: 4:55 PM   by loosemoose300
Any BCS talk is simply a moot point unless there is some sort of a playoff system in place for Division I football. I thought that maybe after Boise State beat the stuffing out of big, bad Oklahoma that there might be some changes in the BCS but that just isn't going to happen.

I would love to see a 16 team tournament happen, but it won't. The shame of it is that it would be so easy to do: Take the 11 conference champs, add in 5 at-large teams, seed them and let it happen. There would be complaining about what teams didn't make the tournament but there is in any sport so that wouldn't be any different than March Madness in basketball. Your first round losers would still be able to participate in your mediocre bowl games and you could still rotate the championship game between the Rose, Orange, Fiesta ans Sugar Bowls. The first and second round games could either take place at the higher seeds home field or at pre-determined neutral sites. Logisticly it would probably be easier to do it at the higher seed's home field but neutral sites could work also.
Posted: 5:10 PM   by Anonymous
Unfortunately with the state of the PAC-10 the last 5 or so years, USC will continue to be among the favorites since they should be favored in all conference games plus the Notre Dame game. I dont think I would worry about Florida. The SEC is too tough to be dominated in multiple years. This year's SEC might be the strongest conference in history. If the SEC holds to form, look for an unexpected champ out of there. The bottom line is until they at least have a mini playoff, elite teams that play in conferences which cannot test them from year to year (USC) will always be a favorite to win the title. I mean even the Big East has 3 teams that beat each other up at the top (WVU, Louisville, Rutgers).
Posted: 5:24 PM   by Anonymous
I know I'd vomit...but aside from the fact that I've been a Notre Dame fan all my life, the real annoying thing is the bandwagon fans - you know the kind. When USC was dominating, they wore USC clothes and bled red and gold. The Patriots were winning so they were all about the American flag. When Texas took down USC, everyone was Matthew McConaughey. It's not so much for me the fact that certain teams keep on winning - it's the fact that loyalty to teams means so little these days. Don't even remind me of the fact that I'm a Notre Dame fan - the next time I see someone who sports Notre Dame apparell ONLY after big wins and during good seasons, I swear to God I'll go insane.
Posted: 6:14 PM   by ACC
Yes, it is annoying that USC and a handful of schools are virtual locks to be competing for championships year after year after year. It is killing my interest in the sport when 90% of the participants are reduced to spoilers. That's right: I could
not make a list of contenders that comprised more than 10% of the eligible schools in div 1-A. That is not a competitive sport.
Unlike other so-called dynasties (Patriots, Spurs, U of Florida) college football championship doesn't feel as earned and it is therefore not nearly as impressive. Add to that there is no playoff. The "power programs" have huge built-in advantages such as recruiting and lofty preseason rankings and name recognition to sway votes. Count me as someone sick of the same old story. Thank God there are other sports on the menu to capture my interest.
Posted: 6:18 PM   by Anonymous
Just because you guys can't beat us doesn't mean we cheat. We have the best Head Coach and coaching staff in the country along with a great location that allows us to draw in great recruits. Shut up and get used to seeing us hoisting the crystal ball for the next few years. Fight On!
Posted: 7:46 PM   by Anonymous
I am not sick of seeing Pete Carrol hold up the trophy at all. He is the best coach in NCAA football right now and as long as he is at USC, they will be a contender for the national championship every year. It is funny how if ND were in the same position we wouldn't be hearing all of this nonsense. Should be a great year...FIGHT ON!
Posted: 8:52 PM   by Troy
The story remains the same. The BCS was created to unify the title game, and it became irrelevant by it's own doing when Oklahoma played for the title by not winning their own conference, due to a "Conference Champion" rule tied to a bowl game. They were pounded by Kansas State (35-7), a 10-3 team before that game. Then lost to LSU in the Sugar Bowl by a touchdown.

Sure, they make it back to the title game the next year, but USC embarassed them in the Orange Bowl 55-19 in a game that wasn't as close as the score indicates. Half of their fans were halfway back to Norman before the game was over.

USC has the talent, the weather, the women and the horse - what else do we need. Fight On
Posted: 10:42 PM   by Anonymous
The problem I have with the current system (or anything other than a legit playoff) is that every year college football's national championship game seems to be about who has the easiest road to get there (and not stumble), instead of who has the nation's best football team. For example, U of Miami in the Big East was unbeatable, for those who can remember, making multiple national championships in the 80s and 90s. Miami, put in the ACC competition, which is not exactly the pinnacle of college football, struggles. USC, in the Pac-10, is unbeatable. Put USC in the SEC. It is highly unlikely USC will dominate the teams at the Swamp, Neyland, Jordan-Hare, Sanford, etc, week in week out, the same manner it does against its Pac-10 counterparts. On the other hand, Florida gets almost left out of the national championship game altogether because it couldn't survive the nation's toughest schedule (which seems like every year) unscathed. However, U of Notre Dame, which as an independent can schedule whomever they want to play (or not), picks up nine wins every year and receives automatic consideration for the big game. So my point is, college football rewards the easy schedule while penalizing the other, making the selection process inherently unfair (to all) and the national championship less than truly legitimate.
Posted: 10:56 PM   by Will
As I stated before, how is holding up one crystal football a dynasty?

In regards to what else does USC need, Troy?...How about holding up the crystal football more than once. Also, how is it that the BCS irrelevant when USC is not in it, but becomes relevant when USC plays in it and wins? Or, are you saying the one and only BCS championship USC won, is not relevant?

Since the BCS was created, no team has won the championship more than once. Only a few teams have played in it more than once. I still don't see a dynasty.

A playoff would be fantastic and the answer to this mess, but until the Div. 1 Presidents reach sanity, the champion is the BCS champion and that involves a crystal football - not a silver football.

Also, Troy, you need to get out more. We'll give you the weather, but then we'll have to ignor the smog, the earthquakes, the mudslides and the fires. In regards to talent - it's everywhere. Granted, USC gets a fair share, but so do many, many schools. The horse? Florida State has that, but they have a Native American riding theirs and they have a crystal football. LSU has a tiger and a crystal football, Texas has a longhorn and a crystal football, Florida has a gator and a crystal football...Lastly, the women? You really need to visit the Southeastern US and Texas &'s no contest. Also, there are seven out of nine crystal footballs down there.
Posted: 5:27 AM   by Anonymous
I am tired of all the attention USC gets for winning in the weakest football conference in the nation. They only have one legitimate national title, beating Oklahoma. The year before they were the AP champions. To further the argument, the year they beat Oklahoma Auburn was undefeated and no one gave them a championship of any kind. Going undefeated or even 12-1 in the SEC is the same as going undefeated for three years in PAC-10. If USC played in the SEC they would be a middle of the pack team.
Posted: 5:55 AM   by Anonymous
Everyone loves dynasties. That's why the Yankees and Lakers draw huge ratings. College football has always had dynasties, they've just always gone in cycles. During the 70s it was USC, Oklahoma, ND, Ohio State, and Alabama. In the 80s, it was Miami. 90s were dominated by Florida State and Nebraska. College Football survives it'll always be exciting.

Carroll's so good at recruiting everyone just thinks SC's cheating. If it were so easy to cheat, why couldn't SC get talent before PC arrived?? Plus, why has Florida started doing so well at recruiting? Are they suddenly doleing out more $$? Of course not, SC and Florida have become the elite teams and they have coaches that relate well to players.

FWIW, I'm an SC fan, but I think the Trojans have a harder schedule than people think. Playing at Lincoln (at least it's September) and South Bend will be difficult. Plus road games at Cal, Arizona State (w/ Dennis Erickson) and Oregon will be very tough. UCLA will be much improved with Ben Olson coming back.
Posted: 5:34 PM   by Anonymous
AMEN! Make the playing field equal and it will make football all the much better. The big schools will continue to win the national championship most of the time but not the same team everytime. Florida State had the chance to become a big contender because the environment allowed them to do so by getting access from the start, check out Louisville and South Florida this year. Give that to all teams and you might find new powerhouses emerge like Central Florida, or TCU, or Fresno State. This is the NCAA not the professional league yet the NFL has more equality than the NCAA does which makes it exciting. Football is more exhilarating and captivating when you do not know who is going to win each year and everyone from every school gets to enjoy their school's football team (instead of suffering b/c you have a undefeated team but you have to watch them play at the bowl game vs. 6-6 Big school team).
Posted: 10:20 PM   by Patrick
Want a new story? Rutgers is 60-1 odds. Who would have thought the odds of RU winning it all would be better then 500-1 two years ago?
Posted: 9:04 AM   by Anonymous
BCS NC '08: LSU 41-USC 10
Posted: 11:27 AM   by Anonymous
Dominant programs force everybody to step up or become irrelevant. How can this be bad for NCAAF?
Watching the same teams win the National Championship over and over again is NOT sickening!! What IS sickening is all the HATERS out there who LOVE to cheer against a highly successful program just because their teams aren't having the success that Pete has brought to Southern Cal! Stop all your whining and respect the fact that USC is STACKED with talent...players and coaches! Really...get used to it because USC football is staying on top for a LONG time...enjoy the ride....I kmow I AM!! Sorry, no bandwagon fan here....I loved my Trojan Football even in the Paul Hackett I'm basking in the GLORY YEARS! FIGHT ON!!
Posted: 3:14 PM   by Anonymous
Since USC would've pushed Florida all around the field last Jan., maybe they ought to meet next Jan. so that everyone can realize Florida was the 2nd best team in the country all along.
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