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7/16/2007 11:31:00 AM

Top 10 Most Scandalous Programs.

Oakland Arena
Barry Switzer's tenure as coach of Oklahoma resulted in NCAA violations (and embarrassment) for the school.
Photo by AP
Oklahoma was punished by the NCAA last week after it was revealed that two football players were paid for working at a car dealership even though they never showed up. Oklahoma's recent issues, however, are nothing compared to some of the other transgressions over the years. Last Friday, CBS Sportsline's Mike Freeman offered up his list of the 10 top rule-breaking college football programs of all-time. And these are just the programs that got caught. The list:

10. Colorado
9. Florida State
8. Texas A&M
7. Washington
6. Miami (Fla.)
5. SMU
4. Arizona State
3. Oklahoma
2. Auburn
1. Alabama

Though we think USC may one day end up on the list if the NCAA can prove wrongdoing in the Reggie Bush case, Freeman did a good job and we don't have any major issues with his choices. Today, we want to know which programs don't deserve to be on the list? And which programs you'd add.


Posted: 12:13 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
I suppose Neuheisel is trendy, but is having the football coach in a basketball pool really one of the top 10 scandals of all time? I doubt that Washington really deserves to be on this list.
Posted: 1:45 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Tennessee has been paying players, and taking care of grades for years!!!
Posted: 2:41 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
How about O$U and Kentucky, they have a long history of "bending" the rules.
Posted: 2:47 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
usc, has to be on this list. they have so many scandals but they always get off the hook because they are from trendy los angeles
Posted: 3:00 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
^ Looks like we have a Tide fan that can actually read.
Posted: 3:00 PM   by Blogger John
Auburn at number 2?!?!?! How do you figure that? There has been little more than allegations against the Auburn program. Auburn has never been asked to vacate wins, they, like most schools, have lost scholarships, and that is the extent of the punishment imposed by the NCAA. That hardly lives up to the reputations of Thug U. (aka Miami) and the Oklahoma teams of Barry Switzer, and now the Bob Stoops Car-Gate scandal. The correct order should be Oklahoma at 1, Alabama at 2, and Miami at 3.
Posted: 3:05 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
If the NCAA had given Alabama the death penalty it might have changed the culture.
Posted: 3:13 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Florida State should be closer to #1 on this list. Lets not forget about Free Shoes University (F.S.U.)and Peter Warrick/Laverneus Coles getting thousands of dollars worth of merchandise for around $100 dollars at Dillards. But they only kicked Coles off the team and out of school because Bobby Bowden thought he wasn't as good as Warrick. Coles got a raw deal.
Posted: 3:46 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Need to add USC, Texas, Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Florida.
Posted: 3:47 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
I think you all are a bunch of mullets. You say alabama b/c it's the freshest one in your mind. Gain sports knowledge past the prior 5-6yrs and then start posting comments.
Posted: 4:10 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
The University of Washington (AKA Probation Nation) had a major scandal involving QB Billy Joe Hobert in 1992, and it ultimately resulted in the resignation of Don James and a couple of years probation.

Still, I don't know how any school other than SMU can top this list.. they are the only program to receive the Death Penalty (though that's perhaps by design).
Posted: 4:14 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Baylor. Maybe there are not a lot of incidents but a murder and an attempt by the bball coach to make the murder victim look like he was involved in drugs nad not getting illegal benefits from the school has to be near the top.
Posted: 4:15 PM   by Blogger Andrew
Florida State and Miami should be tied for #1. For God's sake, FSU's nickname is the Criminoles.
Posted: 4:24 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Guys, get off your Alabama smear campaign. The only reasons they're "listed" at No. 1 is because their problems are so recent and SI and the rest of the mainstream sports media have it out for Saban and therefore Alabama. You may feel they deserve to be on the list, but placing them at No. 1 is a true indication of your transparent bias against them.
Posted: 4:33 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Notre Dame...?
Posted: 4:37 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
I suppose we've collectively forgotten the indiscretions of the Virginia Tech team - dating from Marcus Vick et al and their fun with minors back to the allegations of assaults directed at various players from back in the Jim Druckenmiller era.
Posted: 4:45 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Are you kidding? No employee of the Univ. of Alabama has ever, EVER, been convicted of any wrong doing by the NCAA. Alabama was not convicted of a lack of institutional control or a lacking of monitoring for the Albert Means scandal. We are the only program to ever receive a post season ban without at least of one of these charges. The NCAA was after Alabama and did what they had to do to convict us, including using a secret witness whose testimony was not open to cross-examination by UA. Sound fair to you?
Posted: 5:15 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
I seem to recall SI running a cover story titled "Kentucky's Shame" Kentucky should no doubt be on this list.

You could also make the case for UCLA.
Posted: 5:17 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Newheisal is hardly the first scandal at U-Dump, how can you forget about Don James, Billy Joe Hobert, and free Camaros?
Posted: 6:03 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
When was Florida State denied its first three SEC Championships (1984, 1985, 1990) because it was on major probation? That's right, that was FLORIDA...I guess hindsight is "50/50" when Steve Superior says something catchy before he "retires from the University of Florida"...

FSU has never faced major FOOTBALL sanctions (e.g. post-season and/or major scholarship reductions), which is more than can be said of "unlisted" programs such as Clemson, Illinois, Michigan State, Minnesota, Oklahoma State, Arizona, Cal, UCLA, Oregon, USC, Kentucky, Ole Miss, Mississippi State...and obviously, FLORIDA...

It doesn't explicitly say that UW is on the list because of Neuheisel, but that undoubtedly seems to have played a disproportionate role (i.e. no explanation is made for Billy Joe Hobert, etal)...It also seems as though new coach Dennis Erickson probably disproportionately impacted ASU's standing as well...

Oh, and tell the Auburn fan that Eric Ramsey says "what's up?"
Posted: 6:24 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
How is Miami not number 1? Also, Ohio State should be in there with their impressive less than 50% graduation rate. Or just for Maurice Clarrett alone.
Posted: 6:39 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
washington's nickname is probation nation, its on the list for way more than just the neuheisel basketball pool.
Posted: 6:50 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
The Washington pick is laughable.

Couple of fruit baskets and a few cushy golf course jobs for football players in the early 90s and a fired coach involved in a suburban NCAA tourney pool.

That puts the Huskies in the top 10? Please.
Posted: 7:01 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Recent've got to put Virginia Tech on the list. In the 1990s there was a long list of players getting in trouble, and while it has tapered off some, they still have some high-profile jocks getting caught (see Vick, Marcus). Maybe not the same type of dirtiness as some of the other programs, but it still sticks.
Posted: 8:10 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Uh, Nebraska? Don't be naive and think they are all church-going corn-eating, boy scouts. The names Lawrence Phillips and Christian Peter quickly come to mind. Oh and the ultimate in sleaze.. Tom Osborne became a politician! I vote Huskers in the top 5.
Posted: 8:14 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
THE Ohio State University is number one on this one. Low graduation rates, players getting paid for bogus jobs, slime-ball coach, and the big one...Maurice Clarett. How is it that Troy Smith violated NCAA rules by accepting money from a booster and only sat out 2 games? Good job Buckeyes finally a category you can beat Florida in.
Posted: 8:35 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Sounds like another upset Alabama fan with that unsubstantiated Tennessee comment. Saban is fitting in just great with his loss of memory of the college do's and do nots since he's been in the pros. Relax, I'd be suprised if any good program didn't have someone who wasn't bending the rules. However, when the head coach does it, they should throw the book at em. Fullmer is too straight of an arrow to do that.
Posted: 8:37 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
USC IS WITHOUT QUESTION THE MOST SIGNIFICANT VIOLATOR!! i KNOW FROM DIRECT CONVERSATION WITH A FORMER PLAYER OF SIGNIFICANT STATURE. Secondly, by comparison, The Univ of Wis. was penalized because a player/players received a discount for athletic shoes..I received the same discount as an "off the street" buyer. Please a Heisman "winner" is a better bottom line in order to make "validity" of the NCAA rules!!
Posted: 9:24 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
washington deserves to be on the list a little more for what happened under don james than slick rick's brief tenure.
Posted: 9:28 PM   by Anonymous Texlokman
It's simple, the NCAA is owned by the PAC10 and the BIG10. Why else is USC, UCLA, Michigan, and Ohio State not on this list? The NCAA will NEVER investigate these schools, because it is their bread and butter. Did Ohio State's national championship get stripped because that freshman runningback? No way! And how can USC lay claim to a national championship that they refused to participate in?
Posted: 9:45 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
I find the inclusion of Ohio State by some to be quite hilarious for several reasons. One, the NCAA determined there was no institutional knowledge of the transgressions by Maurice Clarett. Other than that you have a slip up made by Joey Galloway that I recall in my lifetime. Sure, there were some DUI arrests and some other problems but even Michigan hasn't stood above that (check recent headlines out of Ann Arbor). My biggest offenders by BCS conference.

SEC - Alabama
ACC- Florida State
Big Ten - Michigan State (would have to live in Michigan to truly understand all the troubles that were going on there).
Big 12 - Oklahoma
Pac 10 - USC <-- something is up there.
Big East - Miami (FL) <--- gets the nod because of their affiliation with the Big East when they were truly scandalous.
Posted: 10:37 PM   by Blogger Steve
i'm a tide fan and i have to admit, bama has been busted pretty well over the last few years. prior to their recent problems, though, their reputation was unblemished. putting them at #1 is probably a stretch, but leaving tennessee off completely is ridiculous.
Posted: 10:54 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
How can you put ASU on the list at #4? They have not had a recruiting violation or anything happen on or off the feild for almost a decade. I think you need to review what the current situation is and not what you think it might become.
Posted: 10:59 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Where is Michigan? The Fab 5? Webber?
Posted: 11:32 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Montana State has been pretty high (pun intended) in the running lately...Meth, Coke, Marijuana, and even torture and murder.
Posted: 11:35 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
SMU has to be number 1. A great team that never recovered from the death penalty.
Posted: 1:29 AM   by Anonymous Anonymous
i still don't understand how The Ohio State isn't on this list Tressel's a weasel
Posted: 6:06 AM   by Anonymous Anonymous
It was a repeat offense for Coles and he was on probation so he was asked to leave. Warrick was only suspended because it was his first strike. Coles was just as good as Warrick. In the three wide set him ,Warrick and EG Green were the three WRs. Yeah... so get your facts straight.
Posted: 8:06 AM   by Blogger Daryl
I think SMU has been drug through the mud enough. They were caught in the early 80's and given the most ridicules penalty that the NCAA would never have given a FSU or Oklahoma. They have ran a clean program for over 20 years, and the NCAA learned from that penalty and never given it since. Just because they got the harshest penalty does not mean they are a top ten offender.....
Posted: 8:06 AM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Ohio State. Tressel has alleged to have been a cheater at Youngstown State, and that reputation hasn't died down in Columbus. Need we ask Clarett how much money he got from those truck driving OSU fans?
Posted: 9:23 AM   by Anonymous Anonymous
How is SMU not number one??? They actually got black balled. I don’t know about the Kentucky suggestion they learned there lesson the hard way a long time ago, maybe the Pitino year could have gotten questionable but Tubby Smith is as clean as they get and Billy G has a history of the same.
Posted: 10:16 AM   by Anonymous Anonymous
It was only a few hundred dollars worth of stuff for Warrick and Coles. It's not like they shot the president.
Posted: 10:59 AM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Any team that the "great" Bear Bryant had any connection with. As some of your readers do not know, left Kentucky, Ky on probabtion, to TexaA&M, A&M on probation, to Alabama, on probation. The record is there, that is not what I do not understand about everyone talks about the Great Bear. He always had the best money could buy.
Posted: 11:24 AM   by Anonymous Anonymous
FSU, while certainly not without sin, isn't that bad. The post about the "Free-Shoes" incident was waaay over-blown by the media, because it followed a National Championship. The actual amount of stuff was under $500, and all of it was returned and the seniors that were a part of it were kicked out of school, and the underclassmen were suspended.
The Warrick-Coles episode at Dilliard's was offered by the cashier (BIG discount) but the punishment was fair- Warrick lost any chance at a Heisman consideration because of his 3 game suspension, and Coles was kicked off the team because it was his 2nd offense (Bowden always gives a 2nd chance, but not a 3rd). That's also why Randy Moss was kicked off the team, too.
FSU has never been on probation.
Don't forget about the gators, who have been on probation when they committed 107 recruiting violations while Charley Pell was the HC.
Posted: 12:31 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Hmmmmm, number of Major Infractions as judged by the NCAA:

You're right, Tennessee is the dirty program.
Posted: 12:41 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
" Anonymous said...
Tennessee has been paying players, and taking care of grades for years!!! "

If so then they learned it from "The Bear." He was the master of it after all. Could be why 'Bama is #1 on the list.
Posted: 1:03 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
As a Bama fan, I can't even believe that Auburn is in the top 5. Bama should be up there, but how can SMU not be #1? Don't forget about Miami and Florida State. This whole list is a joke.
Posted: 1:08 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Regardless of what's happened recently, Oklahoma's program has made considerable strides over the last 20 years, especially since Stoops took over. Until you've been intimately involved with that program, you'll never understand/recognize the changes, but they've been HUGE.
Posted: 1:13 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
FSU definitely should be higher, But OHio State University and University of Southern California should definitely be on the list.
Posted: 1:48 PM   by Blogger kwtilbury
Can anyone offer hard facts on why Florida State should be on the list?
Posted: 1:53 PM   by Blogger Andy
This may be the biggest crock I have ever read. How can a team who got the DEATH PENALTY (SMU) in football or teams always filled with thugs with rapsheets miles long (Miami, FSU) rang below Alabama and Auburn? Just go read this for yourself. WARNING: If you are a fan of the SEC, you are just going to be angry!

I think we can agree that ALL college football programs “cheat” in some way, form, or fashion. (Well, except maybe Duke and Vanderbilt, but they don’t count anyway.) But is ranking Alabama and Auburn numbers one and two respectively a fair thing to do? Sure, they’ve both had their share of wrong-doings, but, at their worst, neither of them received the death penalty like SMU. You can add up all of the players from Auburn and Alabama arrested in the last ten years, and I guarantee Miami has had more in the last two– GUARANTEED. Speaking of Miami, when is the last time you saw Alabama or Auburn– or ANY SEC school for that matter– in a brawl on the field? Alabama and Auburn hate each other, yet there has never been a brawl in the history of the rivalry, and their never will be. The SEC still knows the meaning of “class,” while the ACC will remain clueless.

I thought and were more credible in their selection of articles. Shame on me. CBS Sportsline’s Mike Freeman must have forgotten about a deadline and quickly jotted something down on the back of a PAC-10 media guide. (Where is USC on his list?)

Lastly, you just can’t blame a program for wacko boosters. Just ask anyone in Auburn if they’d rather Bobby Lowder get the heck off the Plains. You’d be amazed how many people just wish he would pack up and leave town. Do the same in Tuscaloosa about Logan Young (God rest his soul.) Do you think Alabama WANTED Mr. Young to cause them to nearly get the death penalty? He acted on his own will– not that of the University.

I’ve said enough for now. I probably shouldn’t have said anything while angry, but I couldn’t help. Shameless, illogical, irresponsible media outlets tend to bring out the worst in me.
Posted: 1:53 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Just to clarify the misleading and incorrect post above about FSU. Laveranues Coles was not kicked off the team because "Bobby Bowden thought he wasn't as good as Warrick". You just made that up. Coles ran into legal troubles the previous (1998) season and was suspended. Then, he had already been suspended once that (1999) season because of academic violations and was placed on probabation by Athletic Director, Dave Hart based on these 2 incidents. He then committed the Dillards act which led to him being kicked off of the team.
Posted: 2:17 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
"How can SMU not be #1?" It's simple. The NCAA made an example out of SMU so that everyone else would know it meant business. It would be like the school yard bully beating the crap out of the scrony kid so everyone would fear him. If the NCAA had treated other schools proportionately, College football in the late 80s and early 90s would have fallen off the map and never recovered. Hmm, kind of like SMU football. They deserve to be on the list, but let's face it there are several other programs out their who have committed more heinous violations.
Posted: 2:57 PM   by Anonymous Ed
Notre Dame?????? i doubt that, but not surprised that a ND HATER would post their name.
Posted: 2:58 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Notre Dame?? What a surprise that a ND HATER comes out of the woodwork with their name! Go back to sleep...........
Posted: 3:36 PM   by Blogger Kirk
Chris Weber wasn't just good at calling TIME OUT, or never winning a championship at any level, he was also very good at taking 175k from a UM Booster. All 10 of these schools combined aren't as dirty as UM.
Posted: 3:38 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
1. Michigan.

Llloyd Carr cheats his players and his fans every year with his inability to win a big game and his ability to blame it on the refs.
Posted: 4:41 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
How can Baylor not be on the list? Their head basketball coach was complit in a murder!

The wrath of The Lord will be upon all of them!
Posted: 5:42 PM   by Blogger kwtilbury
Can anyone offer objective evidence of why Florida State should be on the list?
Posted: 6:44 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
The face of Ohio State Football history was fired for punching an opposing player on the sidelines. It doesn't get much sleazier than that. Suckeyes 1 Florida 0
Posted: 7:29 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Auburn at #2 !!! That's a joke right?! Seriously, lets be honest here. Not only is that a joke, but it seems a bit coincidental that Alabama and Auburn (one of the biggest rivalrys in the country) are both number 1 and 2 respectively on this list. A list that was evidently created to do nothing more than to stir controversy on grounds that are backed by nothing more than opinion and a writers ploy for attention due to their weakness in their own inadequacies and personal short comings.
Posted: 9:07 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Yup, every school has had their problems...Go Bucks
Posted: 7:00 AM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Tee Martin...anyone remember that little incident
Posted: 10:19 AM   by Blogger M-Diddy-Mo
Texas not on here....

how many players have had law trouble in recent years...

Romance Taylor...
Terrell Brown...
Aaron Harris...
Henry Melton....
Robert Joseph...

Posted: 4:15 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
SMU may be on that list but they have had 20 years (well I guess 18) of clean football since then. BCS schools these days bend the rules just as much. The only difference is when they get caught, they don't try and cover it up...instead they throw it all into the open fire a couple people and go on with business as usualy. Anyways, my point being that SMU has been overly punished for running a program that today would make a university shake up the coaching staff.
Posted: 4:54 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
how is florida not on the list at all? in the past year how many weapons charges have been filed against players? one was arrested for shooting an AK-47 in the parking lot of a club, another two were charged for shooting an assault rifle into an apartment with people inside, the zook fight with a fraternity, the offensive coordinator who was arrested selling cocaine to undercover cops... cut me a break.
Posted: 9:46 AM   by Blogger Mark
OSU should be at or near the top of the list. They have had major infractions in both the basketball and football programs, only to have the NCAA drop the case based on technicalities. They've managed to get into hot water time and time again even with the NCAA doing all they can to look the other way.

USC deserves a mention for the Reggie Bush situation...
Posted: 10:13 AM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Yep, Tee Martin getting cash during UT's 1998 NC Season and later admitting to it yet NOTHING happens to UT.

Also, in regards to F$U, how soon we forget the Adrian Peterson gambling incidents from a few years back. He placed his bets via a student manager for the football team who was also a bookie. But of course, the NCAA looks the other way and does NOTHING to Saint Bobby and Co. Ridiculous.
Posted: 3:16 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Florida...Tim tebow got a 600 on his SAT and they have had players in recent years be arrested for multiple crimes. Most notably a football player tossed a full keg at another student at a party and caused brain damage
Posted: 3:22 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
I love all this hatred for FSU, when was the last incident their players where involved in? hmmm About 7 years ago. Go look at right now and you'll find atleast two articles about gators that f'ed up recently. Being given less than 500 dollars worth of merchandise is no where close to as bad as shooting an Ak-47 in the parking lot of a night club
Posted: 3:58 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
What kind of list is this that leaves of Danny Ford and the Clemson Tigers. They made FSU and SMU look like William and Mary!!!
Posted: 10:43 AM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Looks like CNNSI is ate up with a case of the dumbass.

Alabama is on there due to recent transgressions plus Saban (which the media seems to hate). That's the only reason this ding-dong put them #1.

SMU had the death penalty, they're #1.

Arizona State has 8 NCAA violations (same as SMU). They're #2.

Auburn has 7 NCAA violations. They're #3. Plus the fact that their education system is a farce of the highest order (remember the NYT article last year?). They're doing whatever it takes to beat Alabama on the field.

The rest are all up for debate, but those top 3 are undeniable and are fact-driven, not dumbass-driven.
Posted: 12:11 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Andy, you are a complete retard. Miami has had 2 player arrests in the last decade or so. Antrel Rolle in '03 (dismissed for lack of evidence) and Ryan Moore. That's it.
Posted: 3:01 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Hey Andy...Ever heard of the "SEC. 4116. LOCAL DRUG AND VIOLENCE PREVENTION PROGRAM"..?? - Now why would the SEC adopt a "Drug and Violence Prevention program" ...if ALL SEC schools knew the meaning of "Class"? What about the "Football Team vs. The Frat House" under The Zookster at UF? - OR, what about the football player at UF that (in a separate incident) THREW A KEG AT A STUDENT?? He threw A KEG!! OR the 2 Gator arrests for smoking pot? That was in the last 3 years…What about the 20+ incidents in 16 months at Tennessee back in 2005 ( ...Tennessee is SEC, right?! – Remember the Linebacker from Alabama, Juwan Simpson ( The basketball player from Arkansas…6 years for beating his baby’s mother!! – I guess that’s class…if you’re a SEC fan. Dude…Get your head out of your chowder.
Posted: 8:19 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Yeah, Alabama is a bunch of typically racist rednecks and don't like the fact that black quarterbacks can win the NC like UT Vols did.
Posted: 8:41 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Fred Rouse. AJ Nicholson. Cornelius Lewis. Corey Sawyer. Randy Moss. Adrian McPherson. Sebastian Janakowski. Peter Warrick. Laveranues Coles.

Objective enough?
Posted: 12:25 AM   by Anonymous Anonymous
John: your remarks about the University Of Miami calling it Thugh U is a comment were hear from our rivals that know no other way of beating us, so they try to put Miami down by name calling; IT NOT GOING TO WORK, WERE BACK BABY!!

And for the guys who go into the fight, they were wrong, but you weren't there, you didn't see what the other teams was doing to the Miami players, they defended there team mates when they had too. U ddn't see how they body slamed our place kick holder who was defense-less. Call us all the names U want, but come game time, you better strap it up!

Meet some other of our players and lable them what you want, I call them All Pro's or high draft choices:
Here are the Miami first-round draft selections all-time:
Player-Position Year No. Team
Brandon Meriweather 2007 24 New England
Jon Beason 2007 25 Carolina
Greg Olsen 2007 31 Chicago
Jennings, Kelly-CB 2006 31 Seattle
Rolle, Antrel-CB 2005 8 Arizona
Taylor, Sean-FS 2004 5 Washington
Winslow, Kellen-TE 2004 6 Cleveland
Vilma, Jonathan 2004 12 N.Y. Jets
Williams, D.J.-LB 2004 17 Denver
Carey, Vernon-OL 2004 19 Miami
Wilfork, Vince-DT 2004 21 New England
Johnson, Andre-WR 2003 3 Houston Texans
McDougle, Jerome-DL 2003 15 Philadelphia
McGahee, Willis-RB 2003 23 Buffalo
Joseph, William-DT 2003 25 N.Y. Giants
McKinnie, Bryant-OL 2002 7 Minnesota
Shockey, Jeremy-TE 2002 14 N.Y. Giants
Buchanon, Phillip-CB 2002 17 Oakland
Reed, Edward-S 2002 24 Baltimore
Rumph, Mike-CB 2002 27 San Francisco
Morgan, Dan-LB 2001 11 Carolina
Lewis, Damione-DT 2001 12 St. Louis Rams
Moss, Santana-WR 2001 16 New York
Wayne, Reggie-WR 2001 30 Indianapolis
Franks, Bubba-TE 2000 14 Green Bay
James, Edgerrin-RB 1999 4 Indianapolis
Starks, Duane-CB 1998 10 Baltimore
Green, Yatil-WR 1997 15 Miami
Lang, Kenard-DE 1997 17 Washington
Holmes, Kenny-DE 1997 18 Tennessee
Lewis, Ray-LB 1996 26 Baltimore
Sapp, Warren-DT 1995 12 Tampa Bay
Searcy, Leon-OL 1992 11 Pittsburgh
Williams, Darryl-DB 1992 28 Cincinnati
Maryland, Russell-DT 1991 1 Dallas
Hill, Randal-WR 1991 23 Miami
Kennedy, Cortez-DT 1990 3 Seattle
Hawkins, Bill-DE 1989 21 L.A. Rams
Gary, Cleveland-RB 1989 26 L.A. Rams
Walsh, Steve-QB 1989 1* Dallas
Blades, Bennie-DB 1988 3 Detroit
Irvin, Michael-WR 1988 11 Dallas
Testaverde, Vinny-QB 1987 1 Tampa Bay
Highsmith, Alonzo-RB 1987 3 Houston
Brown, Jerome-DT 1987 9 Philadelphia
Brown, Eddie-WR 1985 13 Cincinnati
Kosar, Bernie-QB 1984 1* Cleveland
Kelly, Jim-QB 1983 14 Buffalo
Williams, Lester-DT 1982 27 New England
Anderson, Ottis-RB 1979 8 St. Louis
Smith, Don-DE 1979 17 Atlanta
Latimer, Don-DT 1978 27 Denver
Edwards, Eddie-DT 1977 3 Cincinnati
Harrah, Dennis-OL 1975 11 L.A. Rams
Foreman, Chuck-RB 1973 12 Minnesota
Owens, Burgess-DB 1973 13 N.Y. Jets
Trosch, Gene-DT 1967 24 Kansas City
Bosseler, Don-B 1957 1 Washington
Losch, Jack-B 1956 1 Green Bay
Dooley, Jim-B 1952 1 Chicago
Posted: 1:41 AM   by Anonymous Anonymous
In reguards to Miami; Can anyone name the last person who ever got arrested while attending college at Miami? In was back in 1996 } 10 yrs. ago.

Coach BUTCH DAVIS suspended German for the 1996 season, while Taylor and Burgess were suspended indefinitely. Have other players been arrested most recently from other teams? Why are they concidered thugs?

Can anyone name any other colleges who got into a fight on the field?

How about:
South Carolina Vs Clemson?
1971 Notre Dame vs. USC - Brawl?
Dartmouth Football Brawl
Why are they concidered thugs?

Miami did not start the fight, and should have got off the field when #24 form FIU body slamed the holder for the extra point kicker, but they defended thier teammate. Also note Miami keep telling the officals all night of the drity play of FIU, & nothing was being done.
Posted: 10:38 AM   by Anonymous Anonymous
SEC Fans: The reason your conference is so "great" is because of all of the cheating. Give it a year or two before it pops up at Florida, Georgia, Arkansas, and LSU. SEC stands for South Eastern Cheaters--I know, not very clever--point being, embrace what has made you "great"!
Posted: 8:57 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Haha Oklahoma is still beastly
Posted: 1:43 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
The homicide committed by running back Loren Wade and probaly one of the biggest point shaving scandals in collegiate athletic history is why Arizona State is on the list. I predict a rise in the rankings with Dennis Erickson now coaching...
Posted: 4:00 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
Man, Adrian Peterson-McPherson was my favorite FSU QB ever...

This is a non-exhaustive list of "major" football programs with multiple (non-consecutive) post-season bans...

Miami (1981, 1995)
Illinois (1960s, 1984)
Oklahoma (1970s, 1989-90)
Texas A&M (1988, 1994)
USC (1980, 1982-83)
Alabama (1995, 2002)
Auburn (1950s, 1979, 1993-94)
Florida (1984-85, 1990)
Kentucky (1970s, 2002)
Posted: 6:06 PM   by Anonymous Mike
To the anonymous one who does not know what he/she is talking about: Coles was kicked off that FSU team because they had prior discipline issues with him before that. Warrick had none. Get your facts straight.
Posted: 8:38 AM   by Anonymous Anonymous
This supposed to be FOOTBALL-ONLY list...although those women's basketball coaches at LSU and Penn State and that track program at UTEP...
Posted: 12:02 PM   by Anonymous Florida_G
Ever notice how almost all the worst offenders are in the Southeast?

Why is that?
Posted: 12:41 AM   by Anonymous Anonymous
How about this... the whole SEC!!! All of them cheat you know it and i know it case closed.
Posted: 3:39 PM   by Anonymous Anonymous
"Freeman offered up his list of the 10 top rule-breaking college football programs of all-time."

RULE-BREAKING PROGRAMS --> Players getting in legal trouble for off the field stuff is irrelevant. We're talking about cheating programs. Therefore, Michigan MUST be number 1, and everyone talking about the Criminoles and Florida under the Zook regime need to give it up.
Posted: 9:25 AM   by Anonymous Anonymous
I'm pretty sure Ohio State paid someone NOT to be on this list.
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