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7/09/2007 11:29:00 AM

TV Shows About College

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Were the college escapades of Kelly, David, Steve and Brandon realistic, or just another poor job of TV trying to depict college life?
Albert L. Ortega/WireImage
Want some good old college drama to cool off from the summer heat? Check out ABC Family's new series, Greek, which (according to the show's website) is a "dramedy set at fictitious Cyprus-Rhodes University, which focuses on the social minefield that is the Greek system. Viewers will see this unique cast of characters navigate their way through this treacherous terrain as they try to find their place at Cyprus-Rhodes University."

Would we watch this show in January? Probably not, but it's mid-July and there's really nothing else on TV. If the show is at all watchable, it'll already achieve more than some other television depictions of college. For our money, our favorite television show about college was FOX's short lived sitcom Undeclared, which was a little out there, but hilarious and deserving of more than one season (case in point: half the cast went on to appear in The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up).

Unfortunately, good TV shows about college are few and far between. For every Undeclared, there are three Saved by the Bell: The College Years. Today we want to know which college television shows you most enjoyed. And which made you throw your shoe at the TV because it was so far fetched (hello, Beverly Hills, 90210).


Posted: 1:08 PM   by Anonymous
they are mostly all bad, except for some classic movies, Van Wilder, Dead Man on Campus and of course Animal House
Posted: 1:16 PM   by Anonymous
I thought 90210 did a decent job showing college life. Sure, Steve was the president of the school's biggest frat, Brandon was class president and Brenda was brainwashed, but it is a TV show.
Posted: 1:17 PM   by Anonymous
I completely agree about Saved by the Bell: The College Years. Especially Mike Golic's brother as the RA. Who's ever had an RA who isn't a student? And what happened to Tori?
Posted: 1:18 PM   by Anonymous
Remember A Different World (The Cosby Show spinoff). Not a great show, but they got the college stuff half-right.
Posted: 2:06 PM   by Anonymous
Golic's brother was a student.
Posted: 4:01 PM   by Anonymous
Undeclared by Judd Apatow
Posted: 5:08 PM   by Anonymous
The only way TV could have a realistic show about college is if it was on HBO.
Posted: 5:42 PM   by Anonymous
Aren't Resident Assistants usually students?
Posted: 5:53 PM   by Anonymous
One of the most under-rated college movies of all time.....PCU. Ari Gold as an undergrad rocked!
Posted: 9:12 PM   by Anonymous
i would say buffy or smallville. but in those shows, everyone but the main character seems to be in college. then one episode everyone graduates.
Posted: 12:50 AM   by Anonymous
Golic was a student, he had retired from the 49ers and went back to get his masters. Watch the show, it was all explained. How many times do you see him carrying books around...plenty of times and I don't think he was carrying them for his health.
Posted: 8:35 AM   by Anonymous
Best college show was Judd Apatow's shortly lived series Undeclared. If you blinked and missed it, do yourself a favor and buy this set. Nails it, nails it, nails it.
Posted: 9:40 AM   by Anonymous
van wilder was bush, dead man on campus bush....if you didnt love Saved by the Bell: College Years you didnt love yourself
Posted: 11:23 AM   by Anonymous
There was a short lived show on MTV called 3-South. It was an animated show about college students at the worst school in America. It only lasted about 12 episodes but it was funny as hell. Also The Fresh Prince spent some of the later episodes at ULA, if that counts. This new show seems to be cashing in on the amazing amwesomeness of Old School, which most current college students consider the greatest college movie of this generation.
Posted: 12:30 PM   by Anonymous
"The Paper Chase" was good college show, albeit a little overly serious at times. (Yep, it's an OLD show - guess that makes me old too!)
Posted: 1:24 PM   by Anonymous
The list starts and ends with Undeclared. Nothing else even comes close.

The sad thing is, with the rep Apatow has now, if that exact same show came out today, it would be a ratings GIANT and it would stay on the air for as long as Apatow chose to keep making it. Instead, we got just one season of its genius.
Posted: 2:31 PM   by Anonymous
Its not really a show, but those girls gone wild commercials are pretty close... Then again maybe thats why I only lasted one semester.
Posted: 2:41 PM   by Anonymous
veronica mars
Posted: 4:05 PM   by Anonymous
undergrads, it only lasted one season but it was a great show
Posted: 4:28 PM   by Anonymous
What about that MTV show "Undressed"? That was pretty close.
Posted: 5:01 PM   by spc
Posted: 5:07 PM   by Anonymous
It's funny how people refer to Bob Golic as "Mike's brother". Bob was the original Golic and he was much better than Mike ever was.

Undressed on MTV was pretty sweet. Lots of gratuitous near-nudity.
Posted: 5:30 PM   by Anonymous
RIP Undeclared

everyone should buy the series on dvd for it was the greatest show ever created
Posted: 6:06 PM   by Ryan
how is a show about Greek life going to come anywhere close to what it actually is on a channel like ABC Family? If you really wanted to depict what it was like, make it a show on HBO. but the Family channel? This show will be just another in a long line of crappy college-themed programs.
Posted: 6:43 PM   by Anonymous
Regardless of the show, the one thing they hardly ever get right is the size of the dorm rooms. That room from Saved By the Bell was HUUUUUUUUUGE!
Posted: 12:29 PM   by Anonymous
It depends on everyone's perception of how college was. For me college was more like the movie Knocked Up more than any of the television shows, but since this blog is dedicated to television shows, only one person got it right: to make the show seem like college, it would have to be on HBO. No television show comes close, although Undeclared was a beginning movement.
Posted: 10:04 AM   by Anonymous
What I find interesting is everyone says it needs to be on HBO. I am assuming that is so they can show nudity. I went to the biggest party school of all time and was a member of a fraternity. While people did have sex,some of them a lot of sex. This was real life. Women did not run around ripping their clothes off all the time. They did that on spring Break where they didn't have to face those people everyday.
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