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12/08/2006 11:10:00 AM

Who's on your All-American Team?

Oakland Arena
Boise State's Ian Johnson is one of our All-American RBs. Would you rank Johnson ahead of Steve Slaton, Mike Hart, Ray Rice and other top backs?
Bob Rosato/SI has named its All-American team, and if we’ve learned anything at The Vent, it's that you're not going to agree with all our choices. Here’s who we've got:


QB – Troy Smith, Ohio State
RB – Ian Johnson, Boise State
RB – Darren McFadden, Arkansas
WR – Dwayne Jarrett, USC
WR – Calvin Johnson, Georgia Tech
TE – Jonny Harline, BYU
C – Dan Mozes, West Virginia
OL – Alex Boone, Ohio State
OL – Jake Long, Michigan
OL – Joe Thomas, Wisconsin
OL – Steve Vallos, Wake Forest


DL – Gaines Adams, Clemson
DL – Bruce Davis, UCLA
DL – Alan Branch, Michigan
DL – Glenn Dorsey, LSU
LB – H.B. Blades, Pittsburgh
LB – James Laurinaitis
LB – Patrick Willis – Ole Miss
DB – Daymeion Hughes, Cal
DB – Reggie Nelson, Florida
DB – Aaron Ross, Texas
DB – Eric Weddle, Utah

Who did we leave off? Who did we include that we shouldn't have? We know you have complaints. Let's hear them.
12/06/2006 11:51:00 AM

Who's your College Sportsman of the Year?

Oakland Arena
Florida's Corey Brewer, Joakim Noah, and Al Horford deserve credit for leaving millions of the table and returning to Gainesville.
It's official. Dwyane Wade was named 2006 SI Sportsman of the Year. While the debate rages on about whether Wade deserves the honor (my vote was for Vince McMahon ... but I had a feeling that he didn't have much chance), there is still time to vote for the College Sportsman of the Year.

Here are my three nominees:

Brian Leonard: We're not voting on his achievements, because Leonard's 273 rushing yards were significantly less than teammate Ray Rice's 1,517. But as Peter King said in choosing Leonard, "Sometimes, the message of why you go to college is forgotten: It's to prepare you for the rest of your life, and to find something you're passionate about. It should not be a race with your friends to see who can buy the first BMW." By staying in school another year, Leonard left hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table. And after Rutgers' incredible ride, it was probably worth it.

Joakim Noah, Al Horford, and Corey Brewer: As with Leonard, these guys left money on the table to return to Florida and defend their national championship. Unlike Leonard, they left millions, not a couple hundred thousand. While the chances are good that all three will be in the NBA next year and millionaires before all is said and done, there is always the possibility of injury derailing their future as pros. So let's give these three guys credit for putting school above money -- something that is all too rare in college sports these days.

Ray Ray McElrathbey: The 20-year-old freshman cornerback fought for custody of his 12-year-old brother, Fahmarr, and battled the NCAA to make it relax its rules against players receiving extra benefits. It's good to see someone with his priorities in the right place.

Those are our choices. Who would you choose?
12/04/2006 12:14:00 PM

What did the BCS Committee Get Wrong?

Oakland Arena
Sorry Michigan fans, the nation doesn't want to see a rematch between the Wolverines and the Buckeyes.
Photo by AP
Well, that answers that. After three months of games and endless hours of debate, the Bowl Schedule is set, and Florida will be taking on Ohio State for the national championship. There are many topics to discuss, but here are a few things that jumped out at us:

Did Michigan get screwed? As a fan of UMass (who, by the way, advanced to the quarterfinals of the D-1AA Tournament with a 24-17 win over New Hampshire on Saturday), we have no vested interest in either school, but like most fans, we'd prefer to see a Florida-Ohio State national championship game instead of a Michigan-OSU rematch. Is this fair to Michigan? Maybe not, but unless there's a playoff, this is how it'll be. We did enjoy the sudden tension between Urban Meyer and Lloyd Carr.

Should Jim Tressel have voted in the final coach's poll? He didn't because he felt a vote for Florida could have been interpreted as being afraid of a rematch with Michigan. At the same time, a vote for Michigan could have been interpreted as a vote simply for the Big 10 Conference. So Tressel abstained. We think it was the right move.

Why is the International Bowl being played on Jan. 6 and the GMAC Bowl on Jan. 7, the day before the BCS Championship? Shouldn't these lesser bowls be played around Christmas? The obvious answer is money, and to us, that isn't acceptable. It's an insult to the other BCS bowls to have two subpar games serving as the appetizer to the championship.

Those are a few of our thoughts on the bowls. What do you think (on these points … or anything else)?

Do you have a topic worth venting about? Send your suggestions here.
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