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7/20/2007 11:27:00 AM

The Best Game I Ever Saw

Oakland Arena
The "Bush Push" highlighted the best game we ever saw. What is yours?
Photo by AP
For the past week, writers have been going down memory lane and recounting the best game they ever saw. Their selections have covered a wide variety of events -- from the Islanders beating the Rangers in the '84 Stanley Cup to the Red Sox finally winning the World Series in '04 to the Ben Johnson-Carl Lewis 100-meter duel at the 1988 Olympics. At SIOC, the best game we ever saw happened two years ago in South Bend, when an upstart Notre Dame team seemingly had No. 1 USC on the ropes, leading by three with seven seconds left when Matt Leinart fumbled the ball out of bounds. The clock on the field kept running and as time expired and Fighting Irish fans rushed the field to celebrate the upset. Only the game wasn't over, the operator of the clock forgot to stop the clock when the ball went out of bounds and there was still time for one final play. You know what happened next: Leinart successfully snuck into the endzone -- with an assist from Reggie Bush – giving USC a 34-31 victory. The Bush Push, as the play is called now, will forever be etched in my sports memory.

Today, we want to know what the best college game you ever saw was. Could it be Christian Laetner's last second shot to defeat Kentucky in the 1992 NCAA East Regional, the famous "band on the field" play from the 1982 Cal-Stanford matchup or Doug Flutie's hail mary against Miami in 1984. Or maybe you witnessed the greatest NCAA field hockey game that has ever been played. Whatever your memory is, we want to hear it. Tell us about the best college game you ever saw.

7/19/2007 12:07:00 PM

College Athletes and Their Cars

Oakland Arena
Darren McFadden's car would make Xzibit proud. What are the athletes at your school driving.
Photo courtesy of
Darren McFadden's souped up Crown Vic is, in a word, awesome. Granted we spent most of our adult life cruising around in a 1993 Nissan Altima that was handed down from our grandma, but still, we've never seen anything like this. It also got us thinking – what other college athlete are driving around in pimped out rides. We know that these guys are generally the big men on campus – do their cars reflect that? Or is McFadden the exception and are top athletes like Steve Slaton and Patrick White are trucking through Morgantown in a Dodge Neon?

Give us the scoop.
7/18/2007 10:23:00 AM

UNC's Top 10 Athletes

Oakland Arena
Michael Jordan is SIOC's top athlete to ever attend North Carolina. Who is your choice?
Jerry Wachter/SI
North Carolina may be a basketball hotbed, but don’t think the Tar Heels are a one trick pony. The school boasts the greatest female soccer player of all-time (Mia Hamm), the NFL's most notorious linebacker (Lawrence Taylor) and, of course, the greatest player to ever pick up a basketball, Michael Jeffrey Jordan. But just who is the school’s greatest all-time athlete? Here is our list of the Top 10:

10. Antawn Jamison
9. B.J. Surhoff 8. Charlotte Smith
7. Eddie Pope
6. Julius Peppers
5. Marion Jones
4. Phil Ford
3. Lawrence Taylor
2. Mia Hamm
1. Michael Jordan

That's our list – now tell us who we missed, who we overrated, underrated and anything else you want to say about the great Tar Heel legacy.
7/16/2007 11:31:00 AM

Top 10 Most Scandalous Programs.

Oakland Arena
Barry Switzer's tenure as coach of Oklahoma resulted in NCAA violations (and embarrassment) for the school.
Photo by AP
Oklahoma was punished by the NCAA last week after it was revealed that two football players were paid for working at a car dealership even though they never showed up. Oklahoma's recent issues, however, are nothing compared to some of the other transgressions over the years. Last Friday, CBS Sportsline's Mike Freeman offered up his list of the 10 top rule-breaking college football programs of all-time. And these are just the programs that got caught. The list:

10. Colorado
9. Florida State
8. Texas A&M
7. Washington
6. Miami (Fla.)
5. SMU
4. Arizona State
3. Oklahoma
2. Auburn
1. Alabama

Though we think USC may one day end up on the list if the NCAA can prove wrongdoing in the Reggie Bush case, Freeman did a good job and we don't have any major issues with his choices. Today, we want to know which programs don't deserve to be on the list? And which programs you'd add.

Do you have a topic worth venting about? Send your suggestions here.
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