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7/30/2007 06:21:00 PM

Cheating in college

By Greg Beaton

For the past two weeks, talk of cheating has dominated the world of basketball in the wake of the revelation that an NBA referee is under investigation for fixing games. The question is: could this happen on the college level too?

With many more teams and less financial resources for regulation, college sports have been rife for this type of behavior in the past. In the 1950s the Manhattan District Attorney implicated 32 players from seven NCAA schools in a widespread point shaving scandal in college basketball, with teams ranging from New York’s City College to Kentucky. Boston College saw betting scandals rock its basketball and football programs in the 20th Century, and Toledo’s football program is currently under investigation for suspicious activity during the 2005 season.

There are other examples too, but none on record involve referees. After the Tim Donaghy scandal broke, the several major conferences, including the SEC and ACC, both came out proactively and made public the steps they have been taking to ensure point shaving or other betting doesn’t spread to college sports. Still, it begs the question—what type of cheating, if any, could be going on in college sports without anyone knowing? Will every questionable call from here on out cause suspicion for gambling?

The NCAA has cracked down hard on cheating scandals throughout its history, but the issue is once again at the forefront because of what’s been going on in the NBA. Is the NCAA doing enough to ensure the integrity of its sports, namely the big-time revenue producers basketball and football? Let us know your thoughts.
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