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Saying Farewell

It is with especially deep sadness that we tell you the bad news: The December 2002 issue will be Sports Illustrated Women's last. These are tough times for a new magazine, and sometimes even loyal readers aren't enough to make the numbers add up. We thank you for visiting our Web site and invite you to read the parting column of SI Women's managing editor by clicking here.

  Jim Wright


The 2002 SI Women Annual Report
Fourteen pages of the coolest, strongest, wildest women in sports. Plus, highlights (and a few lowlights) and...

Sportswoman of the Year
When you win a Grand Slam tennis event, it's impressive. When you win two, it's exceptional. And when you win three -- overcoming naysayers, fashion critics and your own sister, all while maintaining your poise and sense of humor -- well, that's when you make history


Thirty-six portraits in tenacity from the Hawaii Ironman...Paula Radcliffe sets marathon record in Chicago...Hockey star Cammi Granato heads north of the border...athletes share their holiday wish lists...and more


What's My Sport?
Ericka Lorenz has a silver Olympic medal. But in which event?

Who's Afraid of Title IX?
The venerated civil rights law is under review. Here's the inside line on how the major players will vote

Steely Ambition
Meet the first full-time female trainer in professional football


Sisters in Arms
Venus and Serena aren't the only sister act around: Six other sets of athletic siblings share their training secrets

Legs of Titanium
Speed skater and cyclist Chris Witty turned her legs into her secret weapon; she shows you how to do the same


Downhill Diva
Skier Shannon Bahrke has a unique personal style. Glitter, ruffles and for jewelry -- an Olympic medal

The 2003 Tech Portfolio
Just in time for hint-dropping season, we rounded up the latest, coolest gadgets

Golden Glow
The Olympic champion bobsledding duo test-drive beauty products



Wisdom from the most compelling women in sports. This issue: Laila Ali, daughter of "the Greatest" and new super middleweight champ

Faces In The Crowd
Meet these outstanding women and girls in sports


Roll Your Own
Sushi is easy to make at home, even if you're not a chef

Some Like It Cold
"Raw food" conjures up images of bean sprouts and Tofutti. Wrong!

Hold the Stuffing
How to make it through the holiday season without taking on the dimensions of Mrs. Claus


Best in Snow
It's freezing outdoors -- what are you doing inside? A guide to the best place for every winter sport

Gear Girl Knows All
A roundup of footwear that beats the sleet


What's New, What's Cool, What's Next
The things that will shape the coming year -- and beyond -- from the thrilling to the unexpected

Sit. Stay. Fetch. Tow Me 1,150 Miles Across Alaska
Yes, the Iditarod is about the elemental struggle of humans against the wilderness. It is also about finding the right kibble and comprehending the complex emotional lives of huskies

The Wish List
Hey, Santa, we've been very good this year, and all we want is sportswear that's functional, attractive and, well, perfect

Eh, Heh, Toro! (Oh, #%*&!!)
Following in the footsteps of Hemingway (well, sort of) our correspondent travels to Spain to study bullfighting. The result is just like The Sun Also Rises only with (slightly) less drinking


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