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Following is a sampling of news and notes ahead of Sunday's MLS Cup VII championship game. Click the newspaper name link to read full story.

A Beaten Path? Revolution's march to MLS title game mirrors the Galaxy's run of 1999
By Paul Gutierrez, Los Angeles Times (registration required) 
Gutierrez writes: "The story goes something like this: Team struggles out of the gate, coach gets run out of town, team responds, qualifies for a playoff spot and makes an improbable run to Major League Soccer's championship game under the new taskmaster, who is named the league's coach of the year.

"Sound familiar?"


Keeper's faith: Revolution's Brown puts his religious beliefs on hold
By Joe Burris, Boston Globe 

"With so many ways of calling oneself a person of faith, it didn't have to be a struggle," Burris writes.

"The Encyclopedia of American Religions lists more than 1,550 religious organizations in the United States and Canada. Once Adin Brown considered it difficult to play soccer while following tenets of the Church of Christ, Scientist, he could have merely moved on to another organization, or opted out of practiced religion entirely."


Revs hope the magic continues
By Chris Cowles, Providence Journal (registration required) 
"Dismiss all of the statistics. In fact, forget the past six years. None of that matters -- at least for this weekend," writes Cowles.

"Appealing championship matchups haven't been the norm for Major League Soccer over its seven-year history, but there's no better pairing for Sunday's title showdown at Foxboro's Gillette Stadium."


Sunday RSVP for MVP favorite: Twellman expects to be in the lineup
By Frank Dell'Apa, Boston Globe 

" Signs, symbols, vibrations, and healing methods are going Taylor Twellman's way," writes Dell'Apa.

"Twellman is favored to become the first Revolution player to win Major League Soccer's most valuable player award and, after practicing at nearly full speed yesterday, is probable for the MLS Cup final against Los Angeles at 1:30 p.m. Sunday."


Hernandez right on pace: Midfielder will help set Revs' tempo
By Gus Martins, Boston Herald 

"The Revolution's Daniel Hernandez is a midfielder, a position from which a team can often dictate the pace of a game," Martins writes.

"The 26-year-old is also something of a Major League Soccer veteran, and he knows there will be times when the Revolution will expect him to stand up and direct the team during Sunday's matchup with the Los Angeles Galaxy in MLS Cup 2002."


Cup No. 4 for Galaxy's core: Cienfuegos, Jones hope time is now for L.A.
By Fred J. Robledo, L.A. Daily News 

"You never will find Cobi Jones and Mauricio Cienfuegos meeting at the local pub for a drink, or hanging out on the road playing cards," Robledo writes.

"Cienfuegos is as conservative as they come, and Jones is the Galaxy's version of a rock star."