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Out of this World

A last-second hunch and a clutch left foot lifted the U.S. to victory over China

She wasn't even supposed to take the kick. Not when the list of U.S. shooters was first drawn up, anyway. But coach Tony DiCicco played a hunch and penciled Brandi Chastain in to take the fifth shot. Ten harrowing minutes later, she sent a laser past Chinese goalkeeper Gao Hong and with one swift kick coronated the U.S. women as Queens of the World.

  • U.S. team honored at White House

  • Closer Look: Wily Lilly uses her head for U.S.
    It's no mistake that Kristine Lilly made the other "save" that helped the United States win the 1999 Women's World Cup.

    Locker room: Chinese still believe they're best
    Asked if the United States was a better team, China's coach replied, "No, I still think we have the best team in the world."

    U.S. women's soccer on magical victory tour
    They traveled from coast to coast defeating World Cup opponents. Now, they're traveling to celebrate and promote women's soccer.

    U.S. Road to the Cup
    U.S. wins World Cup on Chastain's penalty kick
    Scurry, U.S. top Brazil to make World Cup final
    U.S. rallies to top Germany in quarterfinal thriller
    Reserves lead U.S. past N. Korea 3-0
    Americans rout Nigeria 7-1 in front of giant crowd
    Hamm, U.S. trounce Denmark before record crowd

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    Grant Wahl's Mailbags
    U.S. should be on the defensive
    Akers of respect, DiCicco for a day
    A hairy situation
    Mia Hamm, Sissi and Dr. Kwak

    Q & As with Grant Wahl
    China's offense is its best defense
    Brazil is a great team
    Not your typical New York soccer crowd

    From CNN/SI TV
    Soccer moms
    Home-country advantage

    SI for Women
    The world all-stars
    Soccer 101
    The home team
    Our predictions

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    What a Ride

    SI's Rick Reilly
    The Goal-Goal Girls!

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    Women's soccer must strike now

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    Photo Gallery
    Getting their kicks

    Team Reports
    United States

    Closer Look
    The right pitch

    Quest to see Cup

    Day at a Glance
    Getting started

    Which U.S. player has become the most marketable?
    Michelle Akers
    Brandi Chastain
    Julie Foudy
    Mia Hamm
    Kristine Lilly
    Briana Scurry

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    Chat Reel
    Chastain speaks her mind

    Who's the best women's player in the world?

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