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U.S. World Cup History

Posted: Wednesday June 05, 2002 10:21 AM

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  • The USA’s 3-2 win over Portugal in its opening game of World Cup 2002 marks the Americans’ fifth win in World Cup history.

    In six previous World Cup appearances, the USA notched four wins, lost 12, and tied once.

    The three goals notched in the win over Portugal matches the USA’s most productive performances at a World Cup—twice before has the U.S. scored thrice in a World Cup game.

    In seven games over the last two World Cups (1998 & 1994), the USA notched four goals.

    U.S. World Cup victories:


    USA 3, Belgium 0
    U.S. scorers: McGhee, Patenaude, Florie
    USA 3, Paraguay 0
    U.S. scorers: Patenaude, Patenaude, Patenaude.


    USA 1, England 0
    U.S. scorer: Gaetjens.


    USA 2, Colombia 1
    U.S. scorers: Own goal, Stewart.


    USA 3, Portugal 2
    U.S. scorers: O’Brien, own goal, McBride.

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