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Final World Cup Statistics

Posted: Monday July 01, 2002 3:38 PM

YOKOHAMA, Japan (Reuters) -- Final statistics for the World Cup:

     Matches: 64
     Wins: 48
     Draws: 16
     Goals: 161
     Average goals per match: 2.52
     Goals in first half: 69
     Goals in second half: 89
     Goals in extra time (golden goals): 3
     Penalty shootouts: 2
     Fastest goal: Hakan Sukur (Turkey) 11 seconds v South Korea
     Most goals scored by team: Brazil 18
     Most goals scored by player: Ronaldo (Brazil) 8
     Fewest goals scored: China/France/Saudi Arabia 0
     Fewest goals conceded: Argentina 2
     Most shots by team: Germany 100
     Most shots by player: Ronaldo (Brazil) 26
     Most shots on target by team: Brazil 53
     Most shots on target by player: Ronaldo (Brazil) 21
     Fewest shots by team: China 19
     Fewest shots on target by team: Tunisia 6
     Most fouls in match: Japan v Russia 62
     Most fouls by team: Germany/South Korea 133
     Most fouls by player: Cafu (Brazil) 19
     Most fouled player: Yildiray Basturk (Turkey) 31
     Fewest fouls in match: Nigeria v England 19
     Red cards: 17
     Most red cards by team: Paraguay/Portugal/Turkey 2
     Yellow cards: 257
      (note - does not include yellow cards to players who were
shown red cards in same match)
     Most cards in match: Cameroon v Germany 14 (two reds/12
     Fewest cards in match: Germany v Ireland/Nigeria v England 0
     Most cards by team: Turkey 18 (2 reds/16 yellows)
     Fewest cards by team: Nigeria 2
     Penalties awarded: 18
     Penalties converted: 13
     Penalties in shootouts: 19
     Penalties missed in shootouts: 6
     Own goals: 3
     Most possession in match: Mexico 67 percent v United States
     Most corners: South Korea 53
     Fewest corners: Saudi Arabia 4
     Most offsides: Brazil 26
     Fewest offsides: Slovenia 3
     Highest score: Germany 8 Saudi Arabia 0
     Goalless draws: 3

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