Prepa Tec

  • LOCATION: Monterrey, Mexico
  • MASCOT: Borregos Salvajes (Wild Rams)
  • COLORS: Blue and White


All high school football players can recall their experiences of the bus rides to and from the game. But none have quite experienced the rides of Prepa Tec — and the Borregos do it time and time again. Almost every Thursday during the football season, Prepa Tec high school boards busses from their home in Monterrey, Mexico and embarks on an 8-16 hour journey just to play football against schools in Texas.


It might seem strange to find a team with so much football ferver in a country of die-hard soccer fans, but the Borregos say football in Mexico is rapidly increasing in popularity, and young kids are begging their parents to play football instead of soccer.


Prepa Tec boasts 11 National Championship Titles in Mexico, but that means little in a state like Texas where football is king. Prepa Tec is 2-3 in games against Texas teams this season.


Yet, dedication does not defy all roadblocks. A few years ago, violence in the once safest city in Latin America increased dramatically as drug cartels began fighting over territory in Monterrey and terrorizing civilians. Last year, safety concerns at the Mexican border forced the Borregos to cancel US games. The Borregos even boarded planes in order to compete in two games in Texas.


The Borregos have played a full schedule in Texas this season and crossed the border by bus each time. This might be a sign that they are beating the cartels; if they can continue to cross the border, they may continue to win football games across the border as well.


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