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Statitudes: 2002 Archive
By the Numbers: Week 17 Preview
Playoff spots and postseason positioning will be on the line in the final week of the season.
Lakers' three-point problems
The Lakers' defense is so bad they are turning many of their opponents into Ray Allen.
By the Numbers: Week 16 Review
Marc Boerigter claimed a piece of history with a 99-yard touchdown reception.
Heisman oversights
Sometimes, college football's most coveted award doesn't go to the most deserving candidate.
By the Numbers: World Series
The Angels have been tough to beat at Edison Field during the playoffs.
By the Numbers: NHL Season Preview
Find out what you need to know about the upcoming hockey season.
Koufax's six-year reign
A few of today's top-flight pitchers stack up to Sandy Koufax.
Labor Daze: By the Numbers
The statistics that shape major league baseball's latest labor war.
Hired guns
The best midseason acquisitions in recent memory.
Three for Three-peat
A detailed look at the past three teams to win three consecutive NBA championships.
By the Numbers: Stanley Cup finals
The Detroit Red Wings and Carolina Hurricanes battle for sport's most-treasured trophy.
By the Numbers: World Cup 2002
Find out everything you need to know about the 17th World Cup finals tournament.
Route 583: Bonds vs. Mac
Barry Bonds caught up to Mark McGwire with his 583rd career home run.
By the Numbers: NHL playoffs
The regular season is just a preamble to the ferocity of the playoffs. Get ready for the Stanley Cup chase with this statistical preview.
Sosa's sustained power assault
Barry Bonds often steals the spotlight, but Sammy Sosa's home run pace bears watching too.
By the Numbers: 2002 Final Four
A detailed breakdown of the last four teams remaining in the chase for the national championship.
By the Numbers: Opening Day
As baseball season approaches, take a historical look at the national holiday known as Opening Day.
Happy at home
Team USA put together a remarkable 24-game unbeaten streak on home ice from 1932 to 2002, winning two golds and two silvers in four Olympiads.
What price glory?
Giving up draft picks for head coaches used to be considered taboo, but history shows it just might be the right thing to do, as the Bucs hope in the case of Jon Gruden.
By the Numbers: 2002 Winter Olympics
Canadians love hockey, but they hate the fact that they haven't won the gold medal since 1952. Team USA hasn't won a medal of any kind since the Miracle of Ice in 1980.
The usual suspects: Signing day in college football
College football recruiting is the land of the giants. The big programs will sign the best players, year in and year out, with very few surprises.
By the Numbers: Super Bowl XXXVI
A statistical breakdown of perhaps the greatest Super Bowl ever played, the Patriots' 20-17 defeat of the Rams in XXXVI at New Orleans.
By the Numbers: Super Bowl XXXVI Preview
This year's Super Bowl will have a special designation -- National Special Security Event, the first sporting event to be declared as such.
Let's meet again
The Rams and Patriots are staging the 11th rematch of a regular-season game in Super Bowl history. In the previous 10 instances, the winner of the first game is 5-5 in the rematch.
By the Numbers: Championship Sunday
Before moving on to the Super Bowl hype, take in a statistical review of the NFC and AFC title games, won by the Rams and Patriots, respectively.
Top of the heap
As likely as a Pittsburgh-St. Louis matchup may seem, having the top seeds in each conference advance to the Super Bowl has been the exception rather than the norm in recent years.
By the Numbers: Ozzie Smith
Nobody wowed them quite like the Wizard did during his 19 major league seasons. Ozzie Smith didn't hit for power but he put on a show at shortstop on a nightly basis.
By the Numbers: Wild card preview
Time for the NFL playoffs to start. And time to take a closer look at the Jets, Ravens, Dolphins, Raiders, Eagles, Bucs, Packers and Niners.
Back from the depths
The Chicago Bears and New England Patriots went from worst-to-first in their divisions this season. What are their chances for making it to the Super Bowl?
The next level
Jumping from college to the NFL isn't the harrowing experience it used to be. When Steve Spurrier makes the jump, he joins a modest, but relatively large group to make the transition.
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