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  Posted: Thursday January 31, 2002 3:16 AM
Updated: Thursday January 31, 2002 5:23 PM

0 -- Sporting events in U.S. history that were designated a National Special Security Event before Super Bowl XXXVI on Sunday. There have been 11 other National Special Security Events. London Fletcher
London Fletcher is one of 24 Rams remaining from their Super Bowl XXXIV-winning team. AP
0-8 -- Record of AFC East teams in the Super Bowl since Miami won Super Bowl VIII. Since then, Buffalo has gone 0-4, Miami 0-2 and New England 0-2.
0.64 -- Average yards per carry by the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XX, the lowest in the game's history. The Patriots rushed for 7 yards on 11 carries in the 46-10 loss to the Chicago Bears.
3 -- Players who have won more than one Super Bowl MVP award -- Bart Starr (2), Terry Bradshaw (2) and Joe Montana (3). Rams quarterback Kurt Warner, MVP of Super Bowl XXXIV, has a chance to become the fourth.
4 -- Interceptions thrown by Patriots QB Drew Bledsoe in a 35-21 loss to the Packers in Super Bowl XXXI, a record he shares with the Broncos' Craig Morton (XII), the Bills' Jim Kelly (XXVI) and the Giants' Kerry Collins (XXXV).
5 -- Times the Super Bowl has been played the week after the conference title games instead of having the usual two-week layoff. This Sunday will mark the sixth. The previous five were XXXIV (Rams 23, Titans 16), XXVIII (Cowboys 30, Bills 13), XXV (Giants 20, Bills 19), XVII (Redskins 27, Dolphins 17) and IV (Chiefs 23, Vikings 7).
5.2 -- Average yards per carry allowed by the St. Louis defense in their two playoff games after giving up only 3.8 yards per carry during the regular season.
5-3 -- The Rams' all-time series lead against the Patriots, including a win this season and four in a row.
8 -- Consecutive victories by the Patriots since losing to the Rams 24-17 on Nov. 18.
8-1 -- The NFC's record in Super Bowls played in domes. The conference's only loss was Super Bowl XV, when Philadelphia fell to Oakland 27-10.
10 -- Super Bowls that featured two head coaches making their first appearance, including this year with the Rams' Mike Martz and the Patriots' Bill Belichick. The others: Hank Stram-Vince Lombardi (I), Weeb Ewbank-Don Shula (III), Tom Flores-Dick Vermeil (XV), Bill Walsh-Forrest Gregg (XVI), Mike Ditka-Raymond Berry (XX), Bill Parcells-Dan Reeves (XXI), George Seifert-Sam Wyche (XXIV), Barry Switzer-Bill Cowher (XXX) and Jim Fassel-Brian Billick (XXXV).
11 -- Players remaining from the Patriots' last Super Bowl, a 35-21 loss to the Packers (XXXI).
18 -- Quarterbacks who have won Super Bowl MVP honors. Running backs have won seven times, defensive linemen and wide receivers three times, linebackers and defensive backs twice and special teamers once.
24 -- Players remaining from the Rams' last Super Bowl, a 23-16 victory against the Titans (XXXIV).
31.6-9.6 -- The average score of the previous eight Super Bowls played in New Orleans.
86 -- Total punts attempted by the Rams' John Baker the past two seasons. Six NFL punters attempted more in this season alone -- Cleveland's Chris Gardocki (99), Philadelphia's Sean Landeta (97), Carolina's Todd Sauerbrun (93), the Giants' Rodney Williams (91), Washington's Bryan Barker (90) and Chicago's Brad Maynard (87).
128 -- Different players who have scored a Super Bowl touchdown -- from Max McGee in Super Bowl I to Jamal Lewis in Super Bowl XXXV.
$400 -- The price of a ticket to Super Bowl XXXVI, up from $325 the previous three years. The cheapest ticket to Super Bowl I in 1967 was $6.
414 -- The record for most passing yards in a Super Bowl, set by Warner in XXXIV.
$15,000 -- Winner's share from Green Bay's victory in Super Bowl I. Each player from the Super Bowl XXXVI-winning team will take home $63,000; the losers get $34,500.
$2,000,000 -- Average cost of a 30-second commercial for Super Bowl XXXVI, down from $2.1 million last year. Still, it is a significant increase from 1997, when advertisers paid $1.2 million for 30 seconds.
2,772,890 -- Accumulative attendance for Super Bowls I through XXXV. Every Super Bowl game has been a sellout with the exception of the first one when 61,946 fans turned out at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

All stats through the conference championship games.