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  Posted: Monday February 04, 2002 2:44 AM
Updated: Monday February 04, 2002 12:05 PM
-13 -- The Rams' turnover margin in their three losses this season, including a minus-3 in the Super Bowl, compared to plus-7 in their 16 victories. Ty Law
Ty Law gave the Patriots a 7-3 lead with a rare Super Bowl interception return for a touchdown. AP
0 -- Turnovers by the past three Super Bowl winners.
1.000 -- Patriots kicker Adam Vinatieri's field-goal percentage in domes (25-for-25), including a 2-for-2 performance on Sunday.
2 -- Third downs converted by the Patriots in 11 chances, giving them a percentage of 18.2, the lowest ever by a Super Bowl winner. The Ravens were 3-of-16 last season (18.8 percent).
3 -- Offensive touchdowns scored by the Patriots in their three postseason victories, the same number produced by their special teams and defense combined.
4 -- Quarterbacks who have thrown for at least 300 yards in two different Super Bowls, including the Rams' Kurt Warner (414 in XXXIV; 365 in XXXVI). The other three are Pittsburgh's Terry Bradshaw (318, XIII; 309, XIV), Joe Montana (331, XIX; 357, XXIII), John Elway (304, XXI; 336, XXXIII).
6 -- Interceptions returned for touchdowns in Super Bowl history, including Ty Law's 47-yard score on Sunday. The other five players to return picks were Green Bay's Herb Adderly (II), Oakland's Willie Brown (XI), the L.A. Raiders' Jack Squirek (XVIII), Chicago's Reggie Phillips (XX) and Baltimore's Duane Starks (XXXV).
7 -- Super Bowls decided by less than a touchdown, including the Patriots 20-17 win on Sunday. The other six were Super Bowls XXV (Giants 20, Bills 19), XXIII (49ers 20, Bengals 16), XVI (49ers 26, Bengals 21), XIII (Steelers 35, Cowboys 31), X (Steelers 21, Cowboys 17) and V (Colts 16, Cowboys 13).
8 -- Drives by the Rams into Patriots' territory, three of which led to scores. St. Louis had 12 possessions for the entire game.
9 -- Teams that have lost at least two Super Bowls -- the Vikings (4), Broncos (4), Bills (4), Cowboys (3), Dolphins (3), Redskins (2), Bengals (2), Patriots (2) and Rams (2).
9:50-5:10 -- The Rams' time of possession advantage in the fourth quarter, when they outscored the Patriots 14-3.
10 -- Touchdowns scored by Rams tailback Marshall Faulk in his previous five games before scoring none against the Patriots on Sunday.
16 -- Times the designated home team has won the Super Bowl, including New England on Sunday. The "visiting" team has won 20 times, including the Ravens last year.
50 -- Length, in yards, of Rams kicker Jeff Wilkins' first-quarter field goal on Sunday. It was third field goal of at least 50 yards in Super Bowl history; Buffalo's Steve Christie made a 54-yarder in Super Bowl XXVIII, and Jason Elam converted a 51-yard attempt in XXXII.
87 -- Consecutive passes thrown by Patriots QB Tom Brady without being intercepted since tossing a pick in the second quarter of the divisional playoffs against the Raiders.
133 -- Net rushing yards by the Patriots, who held the Rams to 90. Twenty-nine of the 36 Super Bowl-winning teams have outgained their opponents on the ground.
145 -- Passing yards by Brady on Sunday. Six quarterbacks have won Super Bowls throwing for fewer yards -- Miami's Bob Griese (88, VII; 73, VIII), Pittsburgh's Terry Bradshaw (96, IX), Dallas' Roger Staubach (119, VI), Denver's John Elway (123, XXXII), Kansas City's Len Dawson (142, IV), Washington's Joe Theismann (143, XVII).
335 -- First-half points scored by the Rams' in their first 18 games this season, an average of 18.6 per game. St. Louis trailed 14-3 at halftime on Sunday.