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Top schools consistently dominate recruiting rankings

Posted: Wednesday February 06, 2002 2:43 AM

By Jacob Luft,

College football recruiting is the land of the giants. The big programs will sign the best players, year in and year out, with very few surprises.

Below is a chart of the top-10 rankings of two well-known publications -- Allen Wallace's Superprep and Tom Lemming's Prep Football Report -- for the past 10 seasons. If a school was in each publication's top 10 every season, it would show up a total of 20 times in this chart.

Florida State comes the closest to a perfect score, appearing on 19 of the 20 top-10 lists, including five No. 1 rankings. Michigan and Notre Dame are second with 17 each, followed by Florida and Tennessee at 14. Alabama shows up 12 times, Texas 11 and Southern Cal 10.

Thirty different schools are represented in all, but only 20 make more than two appearances. Perhaps the most glaring statistic of all: Thirteen schools account for 78 percent of all the top-10 rankings for the past 10 years.

Note: These charts were compiled from newspaper accounts of the past 10 signing days:

Rk  Wallace  Lemming 
1. Florida  Notre Dame 
2. Miami  Miami 
3. Colorado  Colorado 
4. Michigan  Florida St. 
5. Texas A&M  Florida 
6. Clemson  Ohio State 
7. Notre Dame  Michigan 
8. Florida St.  LSU 
9. Texas  Texas A&M 
10. Oklahoma  Tennessee 
Rk  Wallace  Lemming 
1. Florida St.  Florida St. 
2. Notre Dame  Michigan 
3. Michigan  Notre Dame 
4. Tennessee  Tennessee 
5. Alabama  Stanford 
6. Stanford  Miami 
7. Miami  Alabama 
8. Florida  Oklahoma 
9. Texas  Florida 
T10. Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Syracuse  Georgia 

Rk  Wallace  Lemming 
1. Tennessee  Tennessee 
2. Southern Cal  Ohio State 
3. Florida St.  Michigan 
4. Michigan  Florida St. 
5. Miami  Southern Cal 
6. Alabama  Alabama 
7. Notre Dame  Penn State 
8. Georgia  Texas A&M 
9. Ohio State  Notre Dame 
10. Boston College  North Carolina 
Rk  Wallace  Lemming 
1. Notre Dame  Notre Dame 
2. Florida St.  Florida St. 
3. Penn State  Auburn 
4. Texas A&M  Penn State 
5. Michigan  Nebraska 
6. Florida  Texas A&M 
7. Auburn  Florida 
8. Alabama  Tennessee 
9. Colorado  Southern Cal 
10. Nebraska  Illinois 

Rk  Wallace  Lemming 
1. Penn State  Ohio State 
2. Southern Cal  Florida St. 
3. Notre Dame  LSU 
4. Ohio State  Penn State 
5. Florida St.  Southern Cal 
6. Nebraska  Florida 
7. Michigan  Tennessee 
8. Tennessee  Notre Dame 
9. Colorado  Michigan 
10. LSU  Nebraska, Baylor 
Rk  Wallace  Lemming 
1. Florida St.  Tennesee 
2. Penn State  Florida St. 
3. Florida  Florida 
4. Michigan  Penn State 
5. Colorado  Michigan 
6. Texas  Texas 
7. Alabama  Colorado 
8. Tennessee  Southern Cal 
9. Notre Dame  North Carolina 
10. North Carolina  Notre Dame 

Rk  Wallace  Lemming 
1. UCLA  Michigan 
2. Michigan  UCLA 
3. Notre Dame  Notre Dame 
4. Florida St.  Florida 
5. Georgia  Alabama 
6. Alabama  Florida St. 
7. Florida  Georgia 
8. Tennessee  LSU 
9. LSU  North Carolina 
10. Texas  Southern Cal 
Rk  Wallace  Lemming 
1. Texas  Texas 
2. Ohio State  Georgia 
3. Alabama  Notre Dame 
4. Michigan  Ohio State 
5. Texas A&M  Alabama 
6. UCLA  Texas A&M 
7. Florida  UCLA 
8. Notre Dame  Michigan 
9. LSU  LSU 
10. Georgia  Florida St. 

Rk  Wallace  Lemming 
1. Florida  Florida 
2. Texas  Tennessee 
3. Florida St.  Alabama 
4. Penn State  Florida St. 
5. Tennessee  Texas 
6. Alabama  Michigan St. 
7. Ohio State  Penn State 
8. Southern Cal  Notre Dame 
9. Miami  Ohio State 
10. Michigan St.  Southern Cal 
Rk  Wallace  Lemming 
1. Florida St.  Florida St. 
2. LSU  Michigan 
3. Michigan  LSU 
4. Texas  Texas 
5. Washington  Tennessee 
6. Oklahoma  Oklahoma 
7. Nebraska  Miami 
8. Virginia Tech  Washington 
9. UCLA  Southern Cal 
10. Clemson  Clemson 

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