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  Posted: Thursday May 30, 2002 12:35 AM

0 -- Opening-match losses by the future 16 World Cup champions. Eventual champions went 14-0-2 in their first matches. Zinedine Zidane
Zinedine Zidane will try to make France the third country to repeat as champions. 

0-3  -- The United States' record in the 1998 World Cup, in which it was outscored 5-1.

-- Golden Goals scored in World Cup history, by France's Laurent Blanc in a 1-0 quarterfinal victory against Paraguay in 1998.
-- Countries that have repeated as World Cup champions -- Brazil (1958-62) and Italy (1934 -38).

-- Countries participating in their first World Cup: China, Ecuador, Senegal and Slovenia.

4-12-1  -- Team USA's all-time record in the World Cup. The Americans have been outscored 38-18 in the 17 games.
-- World Cups played in by Cameroon, a record for an African nation.
-- World Cups won by the host country. Korea and Japan, however, have yet to win a single World Cup game in their histories.
-- Consecutive World Cup matches won by Italy from 1934-38.
-- Countries, including the U.S., who are participating in their fourth straight World Cup. The others are Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Cameroon, Germany, Italy, South Korea and Spain.
10  -- The most goals scored by a team in World Cup history, by Hungary in a 10-1 rout of El Salvador in 1982.
11  -- Weight, in pounds, of the World Cup trophy, which is made mostly of solid 18-carat gold.
12  -- The most combined goals scored in a match, won by Austria 7-5 against Switzerland in 1954.
13  -- The record for most goals scored in a single World Cup tournament, set by Just Fontaine of France in 1958.
14  -- The record for most goals scored in World Cup history, set by Germany's Gerd Muller. Fontaine is second with 13, and Pele third with 12.
16  -- Consecutive World Cup finals appeared in by Brazil, the only country to have taken part in every tournament.
19  -- Losses by Mexico, the most in World Cup history. Mexico has an all-time record of 8-19-10.
25  -- The record for most World Cup matches played in, set by Germany's Lothar Matthaus. He also owns the mark for most World Cups played with five.
53  -- Brazil's record for most all-time wins in World Cup play. Brazil also has 13 losses and 14 ties for a winning percentage of .750.
736  -- Players who will participate in the Cup this year.
1,072  -- Hooligans banned from leaving Great Britain.
1942, 1946  -- The only two years the World Cup has been canceled, because of World War II.
173,850  -- The largest attendance at a Cup match, set in 1950 (Uruguay-Brazil).
3.2 million  -- Tickets issued for the 2002 World Cup, up from the 2.65 million tickets in 1998 World Cup. The record is 3.5 million, set by the United States in 1994.