Statitudes Statitudes

0 -- Assists recorded by the Devil Rays in a 2-0 loss to the Orioles on Saturday night, the eighth time in major league history a team has accomplished that feat in a nine-inning game. Steve Kline
Cards left-hander Steve Kline shares the team lead in saves with three.  Elsa/Getty Images
.344 -- Combined batting average for the Braves' 1-2-3 hitters. Through Sunday's games, Rafael Furcal, Marcus Giles and Gary Sheffield ranked fourth, third and first, respectively, in the NL.
5 -- Times a Cubs starter has thrown 120 or more pitches. It has happened only five times in the AL.
8 -- Last at-bat wins for the Boston Red Sox, who had 10 last at-bat victories all last season. The Sox are also 10-3 in one-run games (13-23 in 2002).
8.02 (b) -- Rule that states a pitcher is automatically ejected if he is found with any foreign substance on his fingers. Expos pitcher Zach Day was tossed Sunday after the umpires learned he used Krazy Glue to cover up a blister.
9 -- Losses without a win for Detroit's Mike Maroth. The record for consecutive losses to start a season by a pitcher is 14 by Joe Harris (1906) of the Boston Pilgrims and Matt Keough (1979) of the Oakland Athletics.
10 -- Blown saves by the St. Louis bullpen in its first 16 opportunities.
15 -- Strikeouts for Pirates first baseman Randall Simon in 128 at-bats, five more than he had in 482 at-bats with the Tigers last season.
20 -- Number of pitchers used by the Rangers this season with the arrival of veteran Alan Benes from the Cubs.
48 -- Percent of 50 baserunners inherited by Yankees relievers who have scored (24 of 50).
$183.5 -- Amount, in millions, Arturo Moreno paid for the Anaheim Angels.
237 -- Career home runs for Todd Zeile, tying Gus Zernial for the most ever by a player whose last name begins with "Z."
1,305 -- Days between major league victories for Tigers pitcher Steve Avery, who picked up a win in relief Wednesday against Oakland.