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Argentina vs. Germany, Yesica vs. Heidi: Last one, let's go!

Photo: Steve Erle; Robert Erdmann

Yesica Toscanini (2006); Heidi Klum (2000)

REMEMBER HOW the World Cup is still going on? We almost forgot too, after this happened. But fact is one team will be taking home the 2014 World Cup tomorrow, and therefore we are going to do this SwimDaily Model Match-Up thing one more time.

VIDEO: The Contenders
Swim Daily Cup, Argentina vs Germany

German super model Heidi Klum goes head-to-head with Argentinian super model Yessica Toscanini in this Swim Daily World Cup special.

GALLERY: Yesica reps Argentina in Hollywood, SI Swimsuit 2007 (full size)

GALLERY: Heidi reps Germany in Malaysia, SI Swimsuit 2000 (full size)

POLL: The Decision (no, not that one)

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