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"You have to respect and appreciate a guy who can both win and show some class for his sport and himself while doing it. here's to hoping Pete keeps winning his way in a sport with way too many want-to-be champions who can't keep their mouth shut."
-- hogsfan
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Wimbledon Tennis Doubles Champions

Posted: Tues June 16, 1998 at 10:36 a.m EDT

YEAR    MEN                              WOMEN
----    ---                              _____

1997 Todd Woodbridge-Mark Woodforde Gigi Fernandez-Natasha Zvereva 1996 Todd Woodbridge-Mark Woodforde Martina Hingis-Helena Sukova 1995 Todd Woodbridge-Mark Woodforde Jana Novotna-Arantxa Sanchez Vicario 1994 Todd Woodbridge-Mark Woodforde Gigi Fernandez-Natasha Zvereva 1993 Todd Woodbridge-Mark Woodforde Gigi Fernandez-Natasha Zvereva 1992 John McEnroe-Michael Stich Gigi Fernandez-Natasha Zvereva 1991 John Fitzgerald-Anders Jarryd Larisa Neiland-Natasha Zvereva 1990 Rick Leach-Jim Pugh Jana Novotna-Helena Sukova 1989 John Fitzgerald-Anders Jarryd Jana Novotna-Helena Sukova 1988 Ken Flach-Robert Seguso Steffi Graf-Gabriela Sabatini 1987 Ken Flach-Robert Seguso Claudia Kohde-Kilsch-Helena Sukova 1986 Joakim Nystrom-Mats Wilander Martina Navratilova-Pam Shriver 1985 Heinz Gunthardt-Balazs Taroczy Kathy Jordan-Elizabeth Smylie 1984 Peter Fleming-John McEnroe Martina Navratilova-Pam Shriver 1983 Peter Fleming-John McEnroe Martina Navratilova-Pam Shriver 1982 Peter McNamara-Paul McNamee Martina Navratilova-Pam Shriver 1981 Peter Fleming-John McEnroe Martina Navratilova-Pam Shriver 1980 Peter McNamara-Paul McNamee Kathy Jordan-Anne Smith 1979 Peter Fleming-John McEnroe Billie Jean King-Martina Navratilova 1978 Bob Hewitt-Frew McMillan Kerry Reid-Wendy Turnbull 1977 Geoff Masters-Ross Case Helen Gourlay Cawley-JoAnne Russell 1976 Brian Gottfried-Raul Ramirez Chris Evert-Martina Navratilova 1975 Vitas Gerulaitis-Sandy Mayer Ann Kiyomura-Kazuko Sawamatsu 1974 John Newcombe-Tony Roche Evonne Goolagong-Peggy Michel 1973 Jimmy Connors-Ilie Nastase Rosie Casals-Billie Jean King 1972 Bob Hewitt-Frew McMillan Billie Jean King-Betty Stove 1971 Roy Emerson-Rod Laver Rosie Casals-Billie Jean King 1970 John Newcombe-Tony Roche Rosie Casals-Billie Jean King 1969 John Newcombe-Tony Roche Margaret Court-Judy Tegart Dalton 1968 John Newcombe-Tony Roche Rosie Casals-Billie Jean King 1967 Bob Hewitt-Frew McMillan Rosie Casals-Billie Jean Moffitt King 1966 Ken Fletcher-John Newcombe Maria Bueno-Nancy Richey 1965 John Newcombe-Tony Roche Maria Bueno-Billie Jean Moffitt 1964 Bob Hewitt-Fred Stolle Margaret Smith-Lesley Turner 1963 Rafael Osuna-Antonio Palafox Maria Bueno-Darlene Hard 1962 Bob Hewitt-Fred Stolle Karen Hantze Susman-B.J. Moffitt 1961 Roy Emerson-Neale Fraser Karen Hantze-Billie Jean Moffitt 1960 Rafael Osuna-Dennis Ralston Maria Bueno-Darlene Hard 1959 Roy Emerson-Neale Fraser Jeanne Arth-Darlene Hard 1958 Sven Davidson-Ulf Schmidt Maria Bueno-Althea Gibson 1957 Budge Patty-Gardnar Mulloy Althea Gibson-Darlene Hard 1956 Lew Hoad-Ken Rosewall Angela Buxton-Althea Gibson 1955 Rex Hartwig-Lew Hoad Angela Mortimer-Anne Shilcock 1954 Rex Hartwig-Mervyn Rose Louise Brough-Margaret duPont 1953 Lew Hoad-Ken Rosewall Doris Hart-Shirley Fry 1952 Ken McGregor-Frank Sedgman Doris Hart-Shirley Fry 1951 Ken McGregor-Frank Sedgman Doris Hart-Shirley Fry 1950 John Bromwich-Adrian Quist Louise Brough-Margaret duPont 1949 Richard Gonzales-Frank Parker Louise Brough-Margaret duPont 1948 John Bromwich-Frank Sedgman Louise Brough-Margaret Osborne duPont 1947 Bob Falkenburg-Jack Kramer Patricia Todd-Doris Hart 1946 Tom Brown-Jack Kramer Louise Brough-Margaret Osborne 1945 not held not held 1944 not held not held 1943 not held not held 1942 not held not held 1941 not held not held 1940 not held not held 1939 Elwood Cooke-Bobby Riggs Sarah Fabyan-Alice Marble 1938 Don Budge-Gene Mako Sarah Fabyan-Alice Marble 1937 Don Budge-Gene Mako Simone Mathieu-Billie Yorke 1936 G. Pat Hughes-Raymond Tuckey Freda James-Kay Stammers 1935 Jack Crawford-Adrian Quist Freda James-Kay Stammers 1934 George Lott-Lester Stoefen Simone Mathieu-Elizabeth Ryan 1933 Jean Borotra-Jacques Brugnon Simone Mathieu-Elizabeth Ryan 1932 Jean Borotra-Jacques Brugnon Doris Metaxa-Josane Sigart 1931 George Lott-John Van Ryn Phyllis Mudford-Dorothy S. Barron 1930 Wilmer Allison-John Van Ryn Helen Wills-Elizabeth Ryan 1929 Wilmer Allison-John Van Ryn Peggy Saunders-Phoebe Watson 1928 Jacques Brugnon-Henri Cochet Peggy Saunders-Phoebe Watson 1927 Frank Hunter-Bill Tilden Helen Wills-Elizabeth Ryan 1926 Jacques Brugnon-Henri Cochet Mary Browne-Elizabeth Ryan 1925 Jean Borotra-Rene Lacoste Suzanne Lenglen-Elizabeth Ryan 1924 Frank Hunter-Vincent Richards Hazel Wightman-Helen Wills 1923 Leslie Godfree-Randolph Lycett Suzanne Lenglen-Elizabeth Ryan 1922 James Anderson-Randolph Lycett Suzanne Lenglen-Elizabeth Ryan 1921 Randolph Lycett-Max Woosnam Suzanne Lenglen-Elizabeth Ryan 1920 Richard Williams-Chuck Garland Suzanne Lenglen-Elizabeth Ryan 1919 R.V. Thomas-Pat O'Hara Wood Suzanne Lenglen-Elizabeth Ryan 1918 not held not held 1917 not held not held 1916 not held not held 1915 not held not held 1914 Norman Brookes-Anthony Wilding Agatha Morton-Elizabeth Ryan 1913 H. Roper Barrett-Charles Dixon Winifred McNair-Dora Boothby 1912 H. Roper Barrett-Charles Dixon 1911 Andre Gobert-Max Decugis 1910 Anthony Wilding-M.J.G. Ritchie 1909 Arthur Gore-H. Roper Barrett 1908 Anthony Wilding-M.J.G. Ritchie 1907 Norman Brookes-Anthony Wilding 1906 Sidney Smith-Frank Riseley 1905 Reggie Doherty-Laurie Doherty 1904 Reggie Doherty-Laurie Doherty 1903 Reggie Doherty-Laurie Doherty 1902 Sidney Smith-Frank Riseley 1901 Reggie Doherty-Laurie Doherty 1900 Reggie Doherty-Laurie Doherty 1899 Reggie Doherty-Laurie Doherty 1898 Reggie Doherty-Laurie Doherty 1897 Reggie Doherty-Laurie Doherty 1896 Wilfred Baddeley-Herbert Baddeley 1895 Wilfred Baddeley-Herbert Baddeley 1894 Wilfred Baddeley-Herbert Baddeley 1893 Joshua Pim-F.O. Stoker 1892 E.W. Lewis-H.S. Barlow 1891 Wilfred Baddeley-Herbert Baddeley 1890 Joshua Pim-F.O. Stoker 1889 William Renshaw-Ernest Renshaw 1888 William Renshaw-Ernest Renshaw 1887 Herbert Wilberforce-P.B. Lyon 1886 William Renshaw-Ernest Renshaw 1885 William Renshaw-Ernest Renshaw 1884 William Renshaw-Ernest Renshaw

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