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Chat Reel: Laura Granville

Posted: Thursday August 23, 2001 6:53 PM
Updated: Friday August 24, 2001 11:19 AM

CNN/SI Host: Welcome to today's U.S. Open chat with Laura Granville. Welcome Laura and thanks for joining us.
Laura Granville: Thank you for having me!

From Jon L.: What have you been doing to prepare for Martina Hingis?
Laura Granville: Um, well that's a good question. I just found out yesterday, so I've just been practicing this last week at New Haven. I've just been concentrating on my game. I really haven't given a ton of thought to how I would play her game. Obviously she is a great player with a great backhand. I think I am not going to think about it much over the next couple of days. I'll worry about it a little closer to match time.

From Karen: How big of a disappointment was it to receive a U.S. Open wild card last year but not be able to play because you were injured?
Laura Granville: I think it was disappointing, but I was able to play the two years before because of wild cards. It was disappointing, but last year I really hoped that I could make it back this year, and I was able to with the wild card. It was disappointing, but I definitely thought I would have more chances.

From Rich: Does your experience playing the U.S. Open in 1998 and 1999 take some pressure off you in your first-round match?
Laura Granville: I think it helps. I've been here before and played matches. But playing Hingis, I'll probably play on one of the bigger courts, and I haven't played on those yet, so this will be a new and exciting experience!

From Mike: What have you done to begin your pro career since leaving Stanford?
Laura Granville: Um, I started playing tournaments in July and I've played challenger-level tournaments. I've played in a couple of WTA events with wild cards. I've played about six or seven of those. I'm trying to get used to the travel and the circuit. Just trying to play a lot and get my ranking up.

From Casey in Princeton, N.J.: What's the biggest challenge in the transition from college to the pro ranks? What would you say the benefits of going to college for a couple years are? Good luck at the U.S. Open!
Laura Granville: Thanks. The biggest challenges -- one of them -- is getting used to playing tennis as your job, week in and week out. Also, mentally believing you can play with pro players is another one. It's easy to come out of college and not know what it's like to play against the pro players, so you have to get use to that. I think the benefits are maturity first of all and I think being able to develop your game. Plus, it's good to know that you have something to come back to after tennis is good. And playing on a team, having that experience was invaluable. You can't find that on the pro tour or in juniors.

From Stanman: Did winning the NCAA team title this year make it easier to leave school early?
Laura Granville: I was thinking about it a lot last year. Even before the NCAA tournament, but I think winning it definitely sealed my decision and made it easier because after that, there was really nothing left to do in college tennis. Pro tennis was the next logical step.

CNN/SI Host: From Soose: How many hours a day do you normally practice?
Laura Granville: Probably around 2 to 2 1/2 hours a day. An hour in the morning and an hour and a half in the afternoon. A lot depends on if there is a tournament coming up.

CNN/SI Host: From Marty3: Hello Laura. Describe what it's like playing in the Grand Slam tournaments?
Laura Granville: I've only played in the U.S. Open twice before, but I'd have to say it is amazing. There are so many fans, it is really an honor to play at the Open or any of the Grand Slams.

From Bells: What do you most need to improve on to compete on tour?
Laura Granville: In order to compete on the tour, it's important to do better in a lot of areas, my movement, shot selection and depth. Playing points better would be another one. Also, working on my transition game and attack more.

CNN/SI Host: That's all the time we have today with Laura Granville. Laura, thanks for joining us and good luck in the U.S. Open.
Laura Granville: Thanks so much.

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