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July 14, 1958
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July 14, 1958

Wonderful World Of Sport

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Two-step by Wimbledon Winners Althea Gibson ( U.S.) and Ashley Cooper ( Australia) celebrates Althea's second British singles championship and Cooper's first at ball in London's Grosvenor House.

Handshake with official, Count de Gouvion-St.-Cyr, marks victory of Russell Aitken of U.S. (right) in a live pigeon shoot at Vichy, Prance. Aitken is the third American in the meet's 37-year history to take Vichy's Grand Prix against crack European shots.

Handshake with himself is a jubilant scoreboard keeper's way of celebrating a five-run Giant rally in San Francisco's Seals Stadium. Giants defeated Cubs 6-5 but lost second game of double-header 1-6, giving scoreboarder no occasion to make like cuckoo.


At what age should a child start learning to swim? Not before he is 5 months old, says Mrs. Buck Buchwach, wife of the city editor of The Honolulu Advertiser, which is precisely when her son Bruce (below) took to water. "Before then," says Mrs. B., "it's too hard to find trunks to fit. And waterlogged diapers hamper swimming instructions."

Bruce, a husky 20 pounds at 5 months (here he is 9 months old and weighs 24 pounds dripping wet), takes lessons at Henry Kaiser's Waikiki hotel, the Hawaiian Village.

Says the proud but somewhat bewildered Mr. B.: "Anyway, it keeps my boy off the dangerous land."

Plowing resolutely underwater, Bruce heads for Assistant Instructor Peggy Quaintance. Before Bruce was 6 months old, he had been taught to hold his breath and propel himself with frog kicks. Bruce also kicks when he's hoisted out of the water.

Floating carefree as an upside-down flounder in the arms of Instructor Mary Ann Sears, Bruce patiently waits to be released. He splashes about an hour a day, some 15 minutes with Mrs. Sears and the remainder of the time with his mother.

Hanging on gutter with Mrs. Sears, who has 50 trophies for ocean swimming and a good deal of patience, Bruce takes a breather. Daddy insists he never imbibes any of the pool and that he learned to crawl in water before he learned to crawl on land.

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