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August 25, 1958
It's giving your all, it's do or die, it's 'One for the Gipper'—IT'S THE OLD COLLEGE TRY
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August 25, 1958

Wonderful World Of Sport

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Q.: Which American boat would you like most to meet?

Mann (big grin): The slowest, obviously.

Q.: Why did some of the British press predict such a bad showing for Sceptre?

Mann (benign smile): Don't you suppose that some of the British newsmen picked up their information rather late at night in bars and such? Let their enthusiasm get beyond their ability, perhaps?

Q.: How many sails has Sceptre?

Mann (purr): Oh, simply hundreds.

Q.: Well, what do you really think about Sceptre's chances?

Mann (very gently): Why, even, I should think. If there were not much chance we shouldn't have come over, should we?

That and other things well settled, Mann buzzed off happily, apparently troubled not at all by the fact that all 14 British skippers who sailed for the cup before him over the past 87 years came home losers. The law of averages, if nothing else, favors an Englishman's victory sometime, and the lieutenant commander left his interviewers feeling that if he is as long on sailing as he is on spoof, Mann may well be the man.

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