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19TH HOLE: The readers take over
September 01, 1958
TURF: EXIT THE REAL HORSESirs:Although a New Yorker, I now live out here in California where I am happy to say that, among other pleasures, children are permitted to enjoy a holiday with their families at the track, watching the sport of kings. Of course they cannot make a bet, which is highly proper, but they can watch sleek, beautiful horses carry flashy, colored silks in contests of speed, which are both exciting and entertaining. That's why I was delighted to read last spring that John W. Hanes, president of the New York Racing Association, was going to allow children into the New York tracks with their parents.
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September 01, 1958

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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Second, in one of his solutions, he suggests that the Buffalo Triple-A franchise be moved to Norfolk. Norfolk couldn't support a Class B. The Norfolk Tars, Piedmont League, folded in advance of the rest of the loop.

Third, in another solution, he suggests moving the Senators to Houston and placating the Cards with Chattanooga. What then becomes of the Nats' already skeleton farm system?

The only problems Washington has are an antiquated park in a rather nasty neighborhood and an antiquated attitude in a very nasty front office.

Mr. Dawson also says Washington's population is too transient and cosmopolitan for the big leagues. Are we to further impair our tottering foreign policy by denying the cosmopolitans a view of our national game, and deny the entire country the lift it gets by learning that a four-year-type transient has thrown out the first ball? What would become of that grand old line: "First in war, first in peace, and last in the American League?"

They may not be pennant winners, but they're ours.
Falls Church, Va.

Mr. Dawson says that it is foolish for Cal Griffith to try to uphold tradition. Mr. Griffith's repeated threats and broken promises show that he cares little for tradition or getting into the public's heart.

Mr. Dawson says that the Senators don't draw because there is too much else going on in Washington. Washington certainly supports the football Redskins. Besides, what does Washington have to distract fans that New York lacks?
Annandale, Va.

As long as Cal Griffith is calling all the pitches for the Washington club the proper financial assistance needed to build a ball club will not be given. Mr. Griffith has the money, and so did his father, to build a better ball team if he would loosen his purse strings. The club will not hire a general manager and as a result most trades have proven very unfavorable. A ball club cannot improve under these circumstances.

Don't let Mr. Griffith make you think tradition is keeping him here. If he can find another city that will give him as much authority as he has here and at the same time make more money, then he will move. That is, if the American League is foolish enough to grant him permission.
Bethesda, Md.

I note with interest Richard Pollard's description of Phillie fans (SI, Aug. 11) as "America's most irascible fans.... For volume, technique and persistency their melancholy booing is unsurpassed in either league." As a Phillie fan who attends 10 or 15 games a year, I believe the causative factors can be analyzed:

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