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September 08, 1958
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September 08, 1958

Wonderful World Of Sport

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Details of tracking are explained by Sheriff Bill Biggs to Mrs. Lindsay (left), Gus Merz and Betty and Kent McClelland.

Taking the scent from pajamas of "lost" Bobby Lindsay, dog is readied by child's mother Nancy to follow the boy's trail.

Finding the quarry, bloodhound bounds at 3-year-old Bobby, who shows displeasure at unexpected attention.

Heading home after tracking exercise, Bobby and hound are ready for refreshments at end of afternoon's workout.

The 16th century text and woodcut illustrations shown here are not likely to be of much practical help to Yale's swimming coach, Robert J. H. Kiphuth. Without the aid of texts either modern or medieval, Bob's Eli swimmers have gone virtually undefeated for more than a decade. Nevertheless, to honor the impressive Kiphuth record in a manner befitting the great institution of learning which he serves, a grateful graduate presented to the Yale Library in Coach Kiphuth's name this oldest English-language treatise on the sport Bob knows so well. Through persistent and careful study of its terse text and 43 elaborate diagrams, students in the arid security of the university library at New Haven may now familiarize themselves with the basic techniques of the natatory art, ranging from the simple dog paddle to the complex maneuvers of the roach turn. We feel it only fair to warn the studious beginner, however, that a short session with Kiphuth in the university pool might be a sound idea before diving in and striking out for himself—the natural confusion resulting from a similarity between archaic f's and s's could lead to watery difafter.

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