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September 22, 1958
As everyone knows by now, the major leagues met in Chicago last week to talk over various matters of import to baseball's brass. Nothing startling happened at the meetings (nor, indeed, was anything startling anticipated). The Washington Senators stayed in Washington, the National League did not expand to 10 teams, and the question of reviving the player bonus rule was tabled until next meeting.
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September 22, 1958

Baseball Candor Via Air Vent

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He acknowledged that Coyne had approached him some years ago to offer to lobby for a reduction in admission taxes.

"He's wanted 50, 60, 70 thousand dollars," said Frick. "I told him we weren't interested. I told him if the movies get it [the tax reduction] we get it."

However, Coyne had worked for the lobby for immunity from the antitrust laws for baseball. The immunity bill...passed the House but not the Senate.

"In all fairness to the man, he did a helluva job for us," said Frick.

He stressed that he wanted to be fair to Coyne because Coyne's work for the motion-picture operators—in getting the tax reduction through Congress—also benefited baseball.

"There's no question that he did a good job on the tax thing," said Frick. "It means that you're saving $100,000 on each million attendance....However, I don't like him coming and saying he was representing us when he wasn't."

Paul Porter, an attorney who represents the major leagues in Washington, warned..."If it becomes known that anybody in organized baseball paid a percentage to get the admission tax reduced, it would be very bad."


[ Frick] mentioned the practice of beaming major league games into minor league territories.

"They [the minor leagues] have asked me," he said, "to tell you if you are going into a minor league city, please don't go in on the day they're playing a home game.... They can stand it on Saturday, but feel that Sunday will kill them. There now. I've delivered the message."

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