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December 01, 1958
This year the skier will find more inventive ski equipment than ever for better safety and performance
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December 01, 1958

Inventions For The Slope

This year the skier will find more inventive ski equipment than ever for better safety and performance

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Most comfortable able new boot to hit the market recently, Piberhofer is solid Austrian workmanship, has buckle and strap over ankle to ensure that vital heel pocket does not expand under long use. $65.

Fastest fit in boots, Widder features a finger-saving inner boot lacing with patented roller eyes so that one pull on upper lace will tighten boot all the way down arch to the toe. $29.95 to $39.95.

Sleek-styled Koflach Ladies' Boot has off-center lacing system which takes pressure off ridge of foot. Ingenious single lace system also serves to tighten inner boot without undoing outer boot. $27.50.

Handy heel tightener on Koflach Olympic Star has an outside heel lace which goes to inner boot (dotted lines), allowing skier to modify tension on heel without having to touch front lacing. $54.95.

Cushioned liner of sheep's wool keeps feet warm inside Widder after-ski boot. Handsome calfskin outside has been pre-shrunk by a special process to make the leather completely waterproof. $19.95.

Foot plate for touring made by Marker has high hitches for cable. This allows skier's heel enough play to make walking comfortable. Plate fastens on side screws, can be detached and put in pocket. $1.95.

Children's binding, the Dartmouth Jr., is inexpensive combination of leather, rubber and nylon sufficiently strong to hold child's weight as well as more expensive spring cable binding will. $2.50.

New in aluminum, Head X-37 (left, $107.50) and heavy Hart Professional ($94.50) depend on wood-metal sandwich for strength. Both are designed for fast skiers who need good tracking above all.

Work horses in wood, Paris Mark II (left, $80) and Northland FIS ($45) use laminated cross section for strength. The Mark II features aluminum skin; Northland is best top-grade hickory available.

Safety poles made by Cubco have pop-off handle that comes free under emergency pressure if pole gets stuck. $11.95.

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