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Guide to Ski Areas
December 01, 1958
This year there are more ski areas with better facilities than ever. To assist the skier in his choice of places, both old and new, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED has compiled a representative guide to the major midwestern ski resorts, giving key facts on each resort—the number of days operated last season; average minimum snow depth; total attendance last year; type of lifts, with length/rise/capacity per hour; new facilities; the address for reservation information. In addition, the guide lists the name and telephone number of the person to call in each area for reports on snow conditions throughout the season.
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December 01, 1958

Guide To Ski Areas

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Aspen Ski Area, Aspen, Col.: 33 miles of trails, open 120 days, avg. min. snow depth 4 feet, year's crowd 125,000. Chair 8,480/2,574/275; chair 5,210/713/275; double chair 4,940/1,140/450; double chair 3,100/836/900; double chair 3,100/836/900; double chair 6,775/2,150/700. New: three motels: Villa Lamarr, 120 people, lounge, coffee shop; The Nugget, 75 people, lounge, swimming pool; The St. Moritz, budget-priced chalet near mountain, suites to dormitories. Reservations: Nadine Johnson, Chamber of Commerce, Aspen. Snow conditions: NOREEN INMAN, Aspen, Walnut 5-3611.

Big Bromley, Peru, Vt.: 12 miles of trails, open 113 days, avg. min. snow depth 4 feet, year's crowd 90,000. J bar 12,800/700/900; J bar 22,480/680/900; J bar 31,800/500/900; J bar 41,600/385/900; J bar 51,100/225/900; Poma 62,000/480/850. New: Riblet double chair 5,700/1,400/800; novice slope; 700-car lot above Lord's Prayer. Reservations: Wells Glenn Realtors, Manchester. Snow conditions: FRED PABST, at Bromley, Manchester 315.

Buttermilk, Aspen, Col.: New area with 4 miles of trails. Doppelmayr T bar 4,000/720/1,000; restaurant; shop. Reservations: Nadine Johnson, Chamber of Commerce, Aspen. Snow conditions: NOREEN INMAN, Aspen, Walnut 5-3611.

Mad River Glen, Vt., Waitsfield: 10 miles of trails, open 135 days, avg. min. snow depth 5 feet, year's crowd 25,000. Chair 5,640/1,990/500. New: Hall T bar 1,500/300/800; intermediate trail; enlarged parking facilities. Reservations: Mad River Glen, Waitsfield. Snow conditions: KEN QUACKENBUSH, Mad River Glen, Waitsfield 20, ring 2.

Mont Tremblant, St. Jovite, Que.: 30 miles of trails, open 110 days, avg. min. snow depth 10 inches, year's crowd 22,000. Chair 4,174/1,092/350; chair 5,200/1,300/520; T bar 3,428/730/800; T bar 2,700/750/800. New: Sissy Schuss, Devil's River Run, Nansen, Lowell Thomas, Duncan's resurfaced. Reservations: Mont Tremblant Lodge; Club or Hotel, Chalet des Chutes; Chalet Pinoteau; Chateau Beauvallon—all Mont Tremblant, Que. Snow conditions: ERNIE McCULLOCH, Mont Tremblant 83.

Mount Hood Ski Bowl, Government Camp: 1� miles of trails, open 50 weekend days, avg. min. snow depth 4 feet, year's crowd 35,000. Chair 3,600/650/280; double chair 1,800/650/750. New: slopes smoothed. Reservations: Hughes Cabin Court, Government Camp. Snow conditions: MARGARET SULLIVAN, Portland, Capitol 8-9275.

Stowe, Stowe, Vt.: 25 miles of trails, open 115 days, avg. min. snow depth 4 feet, year's crowd 100,000. Double chair 6,200/1,700/960; single chair 6,330/2,030/360; T bar 2,000/500/1,200; T bar 4,000/1,000/1,200; T bar 1,800/300/1,200. New: slopes smoothed. Reservations: Stowe-Mans-field Assn., Stowe. Snow conditions: CHARLIE LORD, Stowe-Mansfield Assn., Alpine 3-7716.

Sugarbush Valley, Warren, Vt.: A new area with 10 miles of trails. Carlevaro-Savio Telecar 9,300/2,388/600; Hall T bar 1,400/300/1,000; Valley House for 90 guests; shop. Reservations: Housing Office, Sugarbush Valley, Waitsfield. Snow conditions: JACK MURPHY, Sugarbush Valley 46, ring 22.

Sun Valley, Sun Valley, Idaho: Extensive trails, open 107 days, avg. min. snow depth Baldy 50 inches, Dollar 30 inches, year's crowd 115,191. Ruud Mt. chair 1,965/703/250; Dollar Mt. Chair 4,880/628/500; Half Dollar chair 1,200/186/500; Baldy Mt. chair 3,846/607/600; chair 3,776/1,322/600; chair 3,967/1,324/400; double chair 4,275/1,347/700; chair 3,080/1,072/400. New: additional chairs on Dollar Mt. and Half Dollar; Dollar cabin enlarged; Central Park run extended. Reservations: Winston McCrea, Sun Valley. Snow conditions: MARY BAILEY, Sun Valley 3311.

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