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19TH HOLE: The readers take over
December 08, 1958
THE GREAT NUMBERS NONSENSE Sirs:Hooray for Stanley Frank! I was beginning to think it was my age that was making the sports pages much less interesting than they were in the '30s. The Great Numbers Nonsense (SI, Nov. 24) should be required reading for every sportswriter in the country.TED PINEOcean Gate, N.J.
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December 08, 1958

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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Jean Behra, driving a 1.5-liter Formula II Porsche at Reims with an average speed of 116 mph, which, incidentally, is about the same as the winning average set in 1954 by Fangio in one of the finest cars in racing history, the 2.5-liter Formula I Mercedes-Benz.

In August the same car, without the aid of Behra, placed sixth over-all in the very testing Formula I race at the Nürburgring. Its average speed was 4 mph less than this year's most successful Grand Prix car, the English Vanwall.

Although I agree that the decision against Formula I racing is unjustified and may be injurious to the spectator appeal of the sport, I should be neither sorry nor surprised if the 1.5-liter Porsche became the championship car of 1959.
Ellsworth AFB, S. Dak.

•Certainly 1,500-cc. racing is "not devoid of challenge"—nor is quarter-midget racing or lawn-mowing. The point is that it manifestly lacks the traditional impressiveness, in the cars' size and power, of Formula I racing; a situation analogous, as Kenneth Rudeen pointed out in his column, to abandoning the heavyweight division in boxing. Certainly Behra was fast at Reims, but the winning Formula I car was substantially faster. Comparison of Behra's 1958 Formula II performance with Fangio's 1954 Formula I performance is invidious because engineering advances have produced more horsepower from engines of all sizes since then.—ED.

We can well understand the sentiments of the three ladies pictured in your Nov. 24 cartoon exclaiming, "And where may I ask is Goucher?" With the banners of the other seven Ivy League schools included in the cartoon, we of Brown feel rather left out.
BILL STAMM, Brown '58
GARY SMITH, Brown '60
HARV HANSEN, Brown '62
BOB CITY, Brown '62

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