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19TH HOLE: The readers take over
December 15, 1958
WE FINALLY MADE ITSirs:I was one of the 57,557 people privileged to witness the most electrifying football game ever played in Baltimore, Maryland.
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December 15, 1958

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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I agree that selecting All-America linemen is impossible. Any player can be named All-America if his press agent sends out a picture with feature material that can be used by all newspapers a week before the picks are made.

I believe statistics make a season more interesting, but I also agree with Mr. Prank that some records are pretty farfetched.
Woodland, Calif.

I have been claiming for years that statistics have ruined baseball. With the Red Sox, at least, statistics long ago took precedence over victory. We have Grove and Foxx and Cronin in the Hall and Williams headed there. But we never have a pennant winner.

There was a great hullabaloo about Williams not getting the MVP award in 1957, but he actually was a detriment to the club. He never tried to throw a man out at home and didn't cover enough ground to hide an elephant's shadow. All the Sox players go for records today.

Statistics have ruined the game.
Boston Record-American

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