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THE QUESTION: Should there be an open in skiing as there is in golf?
Jimmy Jemail
December 15, 1958
ROLAND PALMEDOHonorary presidentAmateur Ski Club of N.Y. New York City In America amateurs only are eligible for amateur competition. In Europe, amateurs and open-class competitors are eligible. I'm in favor of competition with the open class to help develop our amateurs, but only if there are plenty of championships limited to amateurs.
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December 15, 1958

The Question: Should There Be An Open In Skiing As There Is In Golf?

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U.S. Representative
International Eligibility Committee
Los Angeles
No. The number of participants would be less and the number of spectators greater, as in baseball. I like to see people ski and have no objection to pros competing where it does not interfere with the growth of skiing at the base.

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