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Champions in Fine Plumage
December 22, 1958
It is a wistful and faded Hollywood trompe-l'oeil that a librarian or a schoolmarm is some beautiful doll, only the hero doesn't know about it because she wears window-glass glasses, puts her hair up in a mousy bun and buttons all the buttons. In the seventh reel, however, she whips off the glasses, shakes the hair out, leaves a top button carelessly unbuttoned, and the hero does a double-take. Golly, he marvels, she isn't Marjorie Main after all, she's Gina Lollobrigida! There is also an old canard that girl athletes are nice kids though nothing to look at. But, as Milton Greene documents on the following pages, and as anyone with 20-20 vision knew all along, they can be very lovely to look at, indeed, whether in working clothes or formals.
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December 22, 1958

Champions In Fine Plumage

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Tennis champion Karen, 16, muses gently beneath pepper tree in San Diego backyard

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