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December 22, 1958
This is the season when some people exchange cards; some exchange gifts; you and I exchange roles. I ask the questions, and you get the first opportunity to furnish the answers.
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December 22, 1958

Goren's Year-end Quiz

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Open the trump, however, and before East can ruff any hearts, North will get in and draw West's remaining trumps, insuring a two-trick set.

Whenever partner has doubled a low contract or left in a take-out double he calls for a trump lead.


Heart 5 points
Spade queen or Club queen 1 point

Partner's double in this auction is a clear call for you to lead the suit he has bid. The fact that you hold a singleton must not dissuade you.


After drawing trumps and playing a third diamond (to see if the opponents' plays afford a clue to an unusual distribution) cash the ace and king of spades. If the queen does not drop, take the club finesse. The chance of a successful club finesse is equal to the chance of a successful spade finesse. Adding the possibility of dropping the spade queen is an extra that will eliminate the need for taking any finesse about one time in three. 5 points.

For any play that attempts to get a count on the opponents' distribution before deciding which way to finesse the hearts, being in a generous mood, I will award 2 points.

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