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AT&T, From A to Z
Rick Reilly
February 10, 1992
Or 26 things that prevail at Pebble Beach, including Mark O'Meara
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February 10, 1992

At&t, From A To Z

Or 26 things that prevail at Pebble Beach, including Mark O'Meara

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There are some absolutes you can count on at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am Sec I Told You That Was Bryant Gumbel Golf Tournament. To wit:

a) Mark O'Meara will win. (He did again Sunday, for the fourth time.)

b) The chairman of AT&T, Bob Allen, the man who bankrolls the whole thing, will choose as his pro partner, let's see, how about Mark O'Meara?

c) Unable to line up his fourth putts, Jack Lemmon will miss the cut.

d) A very fancy car will be towed at Poppy Hills because the course has hardly any decent parking. ( Clint Eastwood's Mercedes got the hook this year.)

e) Nobody at Cypress Point will notice.

f) The amateur who takes O'Meara will lose only because some jillionaire who can hit a low draw and suck a five-iron off the green will come in getting 16 shots a round and thump the rest of the field by six shots. (This time it was Australia's richest man, media tycoon Kerry Packer.)

g) The jillionaire will insist he has never played like this in his life. ("Two weeks ago I couldn't even get it airborne," said Packer. Riiiiiiight.)

h) Despite the fact that Poppy Hills is the Newark, N.J., of Monterey golf courses, and despite the fact that there are other nearby courses whose greens are not like Lombard Street, the AT&T will still stubbornly use Poppy Hills as one of its three courses for the week.

i) Greg Norman will make a triumphant comeback. (He did this year, mostly by being Packer's partner. You do the math—the twosome was 42 under par; Norman was four under. "I'm the best jockey a man could have," said Norman.)

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