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Tim Kurkjian
October 05, 1992
Wait'll Next Year
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October 05, 1992


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Injury of the Year
To Padre outfielder Tony Gwynn, who suffered the quintessential mishap of the '90s athlete. He fractured the tip of his right middle finger when he caught it in the door of his Porsche as he was rushing to go to the bank.

It's a Dog's Life
Schottzie (02), the pampered pet of Cincinnati owner Marge Schott, set a less-than-dignified tone for Red home games by cavorting on the field before game time, sometimes, in her excitement, leaving behind little "surprises" for the grounds crew and once almost tripping up pitcher Tim Belcher as he jogged before a start. Schott responded to sportswriter Jerry Crasnick's criticism of Schottzie's behavior by banning Crasnick from the press dining room at Riverfront Stadium. Belcher, in turn, sent three pizzas and a bag of sandwiches to the press box during a game on Sept. 19. Included was a note to Crasnick that read, "Hate to see you 'waste away.' " The note was signed with a paw print at the bottom.

Cruelest Moves

?On Sept. 23, the same day that the Padres held Unemployment Night at Jack Murphy Stadium, the team fired manager Greg Riddoch.

?The Phillies flew outfielder Wes Chamberlain's mother in from Chicago to see her son play on Mother's Day, and then sent Chamberlain down to the minors after the game.

?On June 5, A's outfielder Troy Neel was congratulated by teammate Willie Wilson after Neel's first major league hit. "How does it feel to be a big leaguer?" asked Wilson. Neel replied, "I don't know. I've just been sent down."

Worst Homecoming
To Met outfielder Bobby Bonilla, who, after signing a five-year, $29 million contract in December, said he could handle the pressure of playing in New York because he had grown up there. He batted only .249, haggled repeatedly with the media and was booed by fans at Shea Stadium. "The difference is, he walked around there as a kid with a quarter in his back pocket." said former teammate Andy Van Slyke. "Now he walks around with a quarter of a million in his back pocket."

Achievement Awards Go to...

?The Reds' Bip Roberts, who tied a National League record with 10 consecutive hits.

? Tony Gwynn, who became the first National League player since Stan Musial to bat .300 or better for 10 straight seasons. (Musial did it 16 years in a row, from 1942 to '58.)

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