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It's O.K. To Be O.J.
Jill Lieber
November 02, 1992
O.J. Simpson talks about Hollywood, being a celebrity and, of course, football
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November 02, 1992

It's O.k. To Be O.j.

O.J. Simpson talks about Hollywood, being a celebrity and, of course, football

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Sports Illustrated: Tell me about the state of your body. Any aches and pains? And how are your knees?

O.J. Simpson: I have major aches and pains in my knees. I had an operation a year or so ago—an arthroscope on my left knee, clipping the meniscus cartilage. Plus, I was attacked in 1991 by the early stages of rheumatoid arthritis.

SI: Where? Just in your knees?

O.J.: Everywhere! My knees, my shoulder, my fingers. I still can't bend one of my fingers. That's the only actual disfigurement that I have. In the beginning the doctors put me on anti-inflammatory medicine, but I didn't think it was helping. So I went to an acupuncturist, who got me off all the medication. She changed my diet, took me off red meat, orange juice—I was one of these guys who drank a quart of orange juice a day—and eggs. Now I'm much better.

SI: Was the pain from the arthritis worse than the pain that you experienced after games?

O.J.: I never hurt after games. In college I was carrying the ball 30-something times a game. I'd go home and soak, and I'd sleep in a special lounge chair. Those were just bruises. I was one of those guys who never really took much punishment during the games.

SI: Since retiring from football, have you found any sport that has given you the same exhilaration, that has touched as many emotions?

O.J.: Golf. The competition—just as in football—is myself. It's me against the course and the ball. I get that competitive high playing golf.

SI: Are you as aggressive in other sports?

O.J.: One of the reasons I don't play much tennis is that there are too many weekend warriors. All their aggression, all their masculinity comes out on the tennis court. I don't need that at this point of my life. Line calls? Guys go nuts! And they're close friends of mine! I don't need that.

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