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December 21, 1992
The New ChampWhat a fantastic article by Pat Putnam on the Evander Holyfield-Riddick Bowe fight (Let's Get Ready to Rummmble, Nov. 23). As I read his description of the bout, I felt as though I were at ringside, and I don't even approve of boxing. It was the best sports article I have ever read, and I have been an SI subscriber for longer than I can remember.TRAVIS B. GOODLOESemmes, Ala.
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December 21, 1992


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The Big South is gaining respect throughout the country. Our opponents have not been overlooking us, and I hope that SI will not overlook us in the future.
Big South Conference
Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Hi, Folks, I'm Home
I found your Nov. 23 issue to be entertaining and informative. The story on the San Francisco 49ers (He Did It His Way) was especially informative to me. For 25 years I have been trying to get Edward J. DeBartolo Sr. to adopt me as his second son so that I could go through life enjoying an even closer relationship with his firstborn, Edward J. DeBartolo Jr., owner of the 49ers. The caption on page 30 describing the picture in which I am standing next to Joe Montana refers to me as " DeBartolo." Perhaps you are privy to some legal information that has not yet been relayed to me.

Our public relations department has suggested that I not become too excited about my newfound family. It has been further intimated that your reference identifying me as DeBartolo is nothing more than a simple mistake. I pray that is not true. I hope that an orphan's wish has been granted. I am looking forward to spending the Christmas season with my new dad and my long-sought-after brother, Eddie.
San Francisco 49ers

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