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Khalid Reeves
Austin Murphy
April 04, 1994
Turns out the best guard in the Final Four is a bit of a mama's boy. Nothing wrong with that. When you grow up in New York City, as Arizona senior Khalid Reeves did, a protective parent is something of a necessity. After Reeves poured in 26 points in Arizona's 92-72 rout of Missouri in the West Regional final last Saturday, he and his mother, Denise, somehow found each other amid the bedlam on the court at the Los Angeles Sports Arena. Their embrace was brief: The Wildcats needed Khalid's help to cut down the net. "You better hurry over there," she told him. "I'm so excited I'm going to cry."
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April 04, 1994

Khalid Reeves

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For his next trick he helped beat Missouri, then ascended a stepladder. Under the adoring gaze of his mother, Reeves snipped a strand of the net. Her apron strings he has yet to cut.

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