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The Putt-Putt Chronicles
Franz Lidz
September 19, 1994
Wherein the author and two other duffers max out on minigolf
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September 19, 1994

The Putt-putt Chronicles

Wherein the author and two other duffers max out on minigolf

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The old-timer handing out putters says a recent customer told him Jungle-Windy is the oldest active minigolf course in Myrtle Beach.

"How do you know for sure?" said the old-timer skeptically.

"Because I designed it," said the customer proudly.

"Is that a fact?" said the old-timer. "Ever give any thought to drainage?"

The small lakes swamping the first five greens were not left by an incontinent plaster zebra. After we slosh through the course, the old-timer yells, "How many holes in one did you get? Most people get three or four, but one fella had 14."

Diliberto lowers his head and whispers, "Did I get any?"

19, 20. Wacky Golf , 10:47 a.m.

The wackiest hole on Wackyland's Jurassic Park course is not the one guarded by Wacky Man, an ear-shaped mutant that even Dr. Seuss wouldn't have delivered. It's the one that requires your ball to scoot under a ravenous Tyrannosaurus rex. When mine gets wedged under T. rex's right foot, I spend several Ice Ages trying to pry it out.

Beside himself over the free game he won by acing 18, Moskowitz says, "Let's play two." So we drift over to Wackyland's Fantasyland course, which is about as close to the original Fairyland as you can get. Mother Hubbard's shoe is a triple-chuted stunner from another time and place: 1963, the Twilight Zone.

Diliberto knocks his ball up a ramp and into the shoe's middle chute, which spits it out a stroke from the hole.

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