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Peter King
October 03, 1994
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October 03, 1994

The Nfl

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Game of the Week
Miami at Cincinnati, Sunday. A Super Shula Bowl, this game marks the first time in NFL history that a father and son have faced each other as head coaches. Truth is, 64-year-old Don wishes he didn't have to face 35-year-old Dave. The comparisons are so natural yet so unfair. Don flourishes with a proud franchise, while Dave is saddled with a moribund loser. Consider this: If Don never coached another game, Dave would need to average 10 wins a season until 2027 to pass his old man on the alltime victory list.


Dan Marino is on pace to break the NFL record he set in 1984 for passing yards in a season—5,084. So much for that bum Achilles....

Is Dan Wilkinson destined to become the latest defensive player drafted in the first round by the Bengals who virtually disappears once he arrives in Cincinnati? Big Daddy has eight tackles and zero sacks in his first four games....

Ground Control to Major Joe Dept.: Joe Montana suffered a cut to the right side of his head against the Rams. He was hit after throwing a pass, and the speaker in his helmet jammed into his temple. "With all the technology, they came up with a speaker this size," said Montana circling his thumb and index finger together, "and it's hard plastic."

The End Zone
The negotiations between the Cardinals and unemployed quarterback Phil Simms stalled for 24 hours last week, from sunset Friday until sunset Saturday, because Simms's agent, David Fishof, is an Orthodox Jew who will not pick up a phone or work on the sabbath. He could not, however, avoid the Simms talk on Friday night at his synagogue. "The cantor told me to lead the service," says Fishof. "He said I needed help more than anyone else." The cantor must know Buddy Ryan.

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