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Peter King
October 10, 1994
The 'Boys Are Back
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October 10, 1994

The Nfl

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This means something: Indianapolis quarterback Jim Harbaugh has thrown for 200 yards only twice in the last 20 games....

The Falcons' 8-5 win over the Rams was not only a tribute to both teams' defenses—the Rams were three minutes shy of notching consecutive shutouts for the first time since 1945—but it was also the first time in the history of the NFL that a game had ever ended with that score....

If you ever hear a Lion whine about not getting respect—seems like a few Detroit players were harping on that after the Lions beat Dallas in overtime three weeks ago—you have permission to laugh. Following up that huge win by losing to the Patriots and the Bucs is typical of the Lions. Special teams coach Steve Kazor walked Out of Tampa Stadium wearing a Three Stooges tie after his guys allowed the first punt return for a touchdown in Buc history. "Fitting," he said.

The End Zone
Part of question number 267 on the 294-question, 80-page test for potential jurors in the O.J. Simpson murder case is: "Are you a fan of the Buffalo Bills?"

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