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Jill Lieber
October 24, 1994
What's the Score?The bye week in the NFL means different things to different teams. It's a chance for a battered team like Tampa Bay to get healthy; it's a momentum-breaker for the Bears, winners of three in a row before last week's break. But it's also a natural time to take stock of the NFC Central's five teams. With six games under each club's belt, the '94 season is beginning to take shape.
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October 24, 1994

The Nfc Central

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Tampa Bay Bucs

There's a very familiar story being played out in Tampa this season. The Bucs (2-4) probably need to throw rookie quarterback Trent Differ out there to let him get some much-needed NFL experience. But Buc coach Sam Wyche, like many of his predecessors, isn't willing to trade losses this year for wins in the future because his job is on the line. So the offense continues to sputter, ranking 27th in the NFL in scoring, even with the more experienced Craig Erickson at the helm.

Differ, who walked out of a June camp because of a contract dispute and missed 12 days of training camp before signing a $16.5 million deal, believes he's almost up to speed with the Buc offense. Wyche, however, isn't so sure Dilfer's ready to direct the team. The Bucs' best hope is that they're not hopelessly out of the playoff race before December. Three of their last four games are at home, and they play Washington twice. Hey, maybe Differ can rally the Bucs and save Wyche's job. Then again, it's more likely that the Bucs will have a game snowed out in Tampa than that they'll make the playoffs.

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