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Diary of A Deal
November 07, 1994
After becoming a free agent last summer, Brian Shaw had one wish: to play for Orlando. This is a behind-the-scenes log kept by his agent, Jerome Stanley, chronicling events leading to Shaw's signing.
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November 07, 1994

Diary Of A Deal

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AUG. 2: Call Sexton and Gabriel. Both are not available. I am a little concerned. Instincts say something is up.

AUG. 5: Gabriel calls and reaffirms interest. Set up appointment for Wednesday/Thursday.

AUG. 10: Periodically talk to Gabriel. He moves meeting to 22-24. Sounds good but I still think that he is stalling. Don't know why.

AUG. 22: Orlando trip confirmed. Media is calling. We go tomorrow. Need right $. Horace's deal is held up by commissioner, should be no problems.

AUG. 23: Go to Orlando. First class all the way. Alias names. Exit from side of ramp. Great limousine. Gifts, dinner. Little things great. I see why they get their guys.

AUG. 24: Gifts every time we leave the room. Shirts, sweaters, bags, sweatsuits, etc. Beware of strangers who bear gifts. Still not talking money.

AUG. 26: First call since we got back home. John says that he is trying to move a player for his slot but that even with picks and $ no one will bite. We talk about cutting [Dennis] Scott for one-half salary slot ($1,600) [$1.6 million].

SEPT. 13: Curveball—Judge Debevoise ruled Grant contract may be rejected by NBA while approving [Chris] Dudley, [A.C.] Green and [Toni] Kukoc. That puts Grant back to square 1; he may need to redo contract without one year out. Although we would like to do BKS with Orlando ASAP, we should now wait to see outcome of Grant; I am on [tour] with Reebok coming through Brazil, Argentina and Chile. Have been in daily contact with NBAPA and JG.

SEPT. 16, AM.: Santiago, Chile—JG and I decide to get it done on the way through Miami. It is time to get signed.

SEPT. 16, P.M.: I have made arrangements for us to go to Orlando after we arrive in Miami tonight. Must call JG at 6 a.m. on Sunday from Miami airport.

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