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Tim Rosaforte
November 21, 1994
Wacky facts from the world of golf.
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November 21, 1994


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Wacky facts from the world of golf.

? John Cook and Bo Derek were childhood friends in Rolling Hills, Calif.
? Lon Hinkle is a fifth cousin, once removed, of Abraham Lincoln.
? Bobby Locke won the 1948 Chicago Victory National Golf Championship by 16 strokes.
? Fulton Allem once came upon very fresh lion kill (an impala buck) on a golf course in South Africa.
? Pat Bradley and Debbie Massey are both former ski instructors.
?To train Tommy Nakajima to play in the rain, his father used to squirt him in the face with a hose while young Tommy hit golf balls.
?An average 150-pound male who walks and pulls golf clubs while playing 18 holes will burn about 1,060 calories.
? Deane Beman is the only man ever to become the commissioner of the major U.S. sport he played.