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December 05, 1994
The BBWAA should have given out awards such as Best Player Representative and Best Negotiator.DOMINIC IMBROGNO, WHEATON, Ill.
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December 05, 1994


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The men and women in the national team handball program have interrupted their lives to relocate to Atlanta, where they train morning and evening while holding daytime jobs. Articles about team handball players would promote better role models than many of your stories, which focus on pampered athletes who orchestrate applause for themselves.
GLENN ALLINGER, Bozeman, Mont.

Mochrie's Moxie
I enjoyed Going for the Flag (Oct. 31), your account of the U.S. women winning golf's Solheim Cup, and I am sure Dottie Mochrie's play was significant. However, her boorish, unsportsmanlike behavior—yelling, "Yes!" when opponent Laura Davies missed a putt—unfortunately seems to be normal for her.

Dallas D
I agree it's a shame that no one has come up with a name for the Dallas Cowboys' amazing but anonymous defensive unit (Big W for the Big D, Oct. 24). How about Texas Strangers?
R.J. TERRILL, Torrance, Calif.

Odd Bowl Pairing
In an otherwise excellent article about the Southwest Conference (INSIDE COLLEGE FOOTBALL, Nov. 7), you state that Texas Tech has never been to the Cotton Bowl. But your reporter undoubtedly was not in Dallas on Jan. 2, 1939, when the Red Raiders took the field against Saint Mary's of California in the only Cotton Bowl appearance for each team.

As the story goes out West, Saint Mary's got the bid after the Gaels' coach, Slip Madigan (left), arranged for the Cotton Bowl selector to have dinner and a dance with Marlene Dietrich. Oh, yes, I almost forgot—Saint Mary's withstood a furious Tech rally to prevail 20-13.

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