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Tim Rosaforte
October 02, 1995
Captain Nelson in '97
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October 02, 1995


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"His short game is incredible," said Davies. "I was just having a lesson out there."

Daly was equally effusive. "She's got a great short game," he offered. "She couldn't have won all those tournaments unless she did."

Only Jack Nicklaus, the nearly forgotten third member of the group (his Senior PGA Tour team won the event), marveled at the display of power he had just witnessed.

"I have never played with a woman hitting wedge to the green when I was hitting five-iron," he said.

What a Drag

Chi Chi Rodriguez has sued Universal Pictures over the movie To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar, in which the main characters are drag queens, including one named Chi Chi Rodriguez. But Chi Chi—the golfer, not the drag queen—isn't so much put off about the content of the film as he is about someone making money by using his name, which he has had copyrighted.

"I make my money through endorsements, and I have to make sure I get compensation for that," Rodriguez says. "If I don't, anybody can use my name for free." Rodriguez had his name copyrighted after Chi Chi's Mexican restaurant chain, in which he has no involvement, opened some years ago.

"The movie doesn't bother me," Rodriguez says. "Quite a few people have said they've seen it and laughed like mad. I know Patrick Swayze is one of my favorite actors. Everybody has to be entitled to what they are. Just let me be what I am."

Golf Channel Surfin'

The Golf Channel has been on the air for nine months and has already gone through three chief operating officers. The latest departure was the most shocking, considering the hoopla surrounding the hiring of Gary Stevenson last October. Stevenson was second in command to PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem when he left to run the Golf Channel, but apparently he and co-founder Joe Gibbs butted heads on too many issues. Last week, Stevenson resigned to become "an independent contractor on several golf-related projects."

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